Benefits of Fractionated Coconut Oil – Why Is it So Good For Us?

Fractionated Coconut Oil

If you have recently tried to look through your supermarket aisle for coconut oil, chances are you will find an overwhelming number of varieties like, virgin oil, extra virgin coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, RBD coconut oil, and many more; and easily get discouraged.

So we decided to dig deeper into one of the latest versions called fractionated coconut oil, which is being promoted for its amazing beauty benefits and also as a dietary supplement.

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How to Make Easy Vegan Cornbread at Home

Vegan Cornbread

Cornbread is a staple side dish for a lot of families. However, diet restrictions can prevent some people from enjoying the flavorful bread. Thankfully, cornbread is a simple dish to alter if you need to!

This cornbread recipe uses no animal products, so those with vegan dietary restrictions can enjoy this bread without worry.

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Coconut Oil Fudge Truffles – Fascinating Recipe for Weight Loss, Energy and Heart

Coconut Oil Fudge Truffles Recipe for Weight Loss, Energy and Heart

A delicious, superfood packed treat, these Coconut Fudge Truffles are sure to knock your socks off. Find more about the benefits of coconut oil as well as this recipe below!

Although given a bad rap for years, coconut oil is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a superfood. Made up of almost 90% saturated fatty acids (in comparison, butter is made up of around 60% saturated fats), coconut oil is one of the richest known sources of saturated fat in the world.

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17 Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes to Brighten Up Your Day

Coconut Oil Recipes

Coconut oil has been gaining popularity as a heart-healthy superfood, despite recent controversy as to whether or not it’s saturated fat content is harmful.

Like any other fat, coconut oil should be consumed in moderation to enjoy the health benefits without the risks. Not only can coconut oil help fight off bacteria and viruses, it helps control blood sugar, boost thyroid function, reduce cholesterol, and can help aid in weight loss.

In fact, a study done in 2009 indicated that participants had reduced abdominal fat (which is the hardest to lose).

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