Healthy Foods

Healthy FoodsWe all want to eat healthy foods, isn’t it!

Each one of us wishes to have foods that keeps our body full of nutrients and maintains our health.  We all want to eat healthy food, and that is why whenever we visit supermarkets or grocery store; we tend to check the nutritional information present on each food item before purchasing it. However,

There is a big difference between what we see and what we get!

Although terms like ‘multi-grain’, ‘wheat’ etc. sounds healthy but they may actually not contain actual healthy whole grains. We sometimes consider certain foods to be healthy while they are not. We eat them regularly and then their harmful effects come up in the long run.

‘31.5 per cent (or 1 in 3) of kids between the ages of five and 17 years old are overweight. Furthermore, stats show that 75 per cent of obese kids become obese adults.’

Source: Ontario Medical Association

Let us see some such foods below.

# 1: Vegetable Oils

It is commonly believed that ‘vegetable oils’ are healthy. After all they are from plants, right? In fact, wrong! The ‘oil’ commonly used and available in market is ‘palm oil’. It is saturated and unhealthy oil.

# 2: Energy Bars

Just an attractive packaging of beautiful colors and mentioning the vitamin and mineral ingredients doesn’t makes energy bars a healthy food. In fact, maximum of them doesn’t have any nutritious value more than regular candy bars. They contain high quantity of white flour, fructose syrup and other sweeteners. Eating them after meals is taking an additional 400 calories into our body!

Unhealthy Food

# 3: Granola

Although the meaning of word ‘Granola’ is food having rich fiber content and high on health; however, having yummy cereals for breakfast might be one of the unhealthiest way to start our day. Most of them contain too much sugar and little fiber. In fact, breakfast should be having more of fiber than sugar. Adding walnuts in it also helps.

# 4: Ketchup

Although being very close to getting accepted as vegetable in US, ketchup is high on sugar and salt content. Most of the ketchup that we eat is processed and non-organic, that’s why it contains far lesser amount of lycopene levels are much lower than what is originally present in actual tomatoes.We must only buy organic foods, as they are highly nutritious and healthy.

# 5: Prepared Salads

Just the word ‘Salad’ doesn’t signify it to be healthy. Salads like chicken salads, shrimp salads are often loaded with hidden fats and calories due to high mayonnaise present in it. A normal size chicken salad might contain around 700 calories and around 50 grams fat. If you crave to eat salad, go for those having low mayonnaise and eat them in small portions.


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