Olive Leaf Extract Side Effects For Liver, Diarrhea & Stomach Irritation

Olives have been part of our history for thousands of years. They were first utilized to treat heart ailments in the ancient regions of the Mediterranean and Egypt. After that, olive leaf extract benefits were touted in a myriad of scientific studies and research.

Today, it is included in our nutrition diet due to its immunity-boosting, anti-fungal and anti-aging properties. Despite these benefits, some people may experience some side-effects from consuming it.

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Olive Oil: The Benefits for the Heart, Skin, and Hair

Olive Oil Benefits for the Heart, Skin, and Hair

Olive oil is probably the most widely used oil in cooking as it comes with a wonderful flavor, making every dish a delightful one. In the Mediterranean regions of the world, olive oil is recognized as one of the miracle foods.

According to studies, the Mediterranean dietary pattern has been shown to be effective in secondary prevention of coronary heart disease. Today, its benefits is widely known all over the world.

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