How to Make Bone Broth Recipe at Home? (Ultimate Guide)

Bone Broth

Move over those expensive Superfoods, the latest craze doing rounds in health circles is the Bone Broth. It has been a staple since ancient times in cultures worldwide, but thanks to some rebranding in the past few months, they have come in spotlight again.

Chinese medicine practitioners to Paleo diet fans, swear by this nutrition powerhouse for its taste and health benefits that nourish your gut and brain.

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17 Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes to Brighten Up Your Day

Coconut Oil Recipes

Coconut oil has been gaining popularity as a heart-healthy superfood, despite recent controversy as to whether or not it’s saturated fat content is harmful.

Like any other fat, coconut oil should be consumed in moderation to enjoy the health benefits without the risks. Not only can coconut oil help fight off bacteria and viruses, it helps control blood sugar, boost thyroid function, reduce cholesterol, and can help aid in weight loss.

In fact, a study done in 2009 indicated that participants had reduced abdominal fat (which is the hardest to lose).

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Flax & Honey Pancakes – A Superfood Way To Start Your Day


Starting your morning with a healthy, super charged breakfast is important to get your day off on the right foot.

Instead of reaching for a box of sugar filled cereal or picking up fast food on the way to work, try these easy to make, superfood pancakes. Breakfast can set the tone for your day, so make sure yours is positive beginning with good fuel!

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Coconut Oil Coffee For Weight Loss and Energy

Coconut Oil Coffee For Weight Loss and Energy

Coconut oil is a fascinating superfood, with what appears to be an endless amount of health benefits. But adding it to your coffee? That’s just plain crazy, right? Wrong!

Replacing processed coffee creamers with organic coconut oil may be tough for some of you, but it could be one of the best moves for your health.

Although it may sound strange to add oil to your coffee, the resulting drink is actually quite delicious and highly nutritious. Plus, the combination of caffeine and saturated fat gives the body a huge energy boost!

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