Know the Dangerous and Deadly Life Threatening Skin Rashes

Gross, Scratchy and Embarrassing – The three right words to describe rashes occurring on your skin, but sometimes there is a fourth word to it, which is Deadly.

Most rashes that develops on the skin of both children and adults are not life-threatening, simply nuisances and distressing. Life-threatening skin rashes are rare, however, when they occur, you must identify them and consult the physician immediately.

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Baby Rash on Face

Whether they are coloring your baby’s face crimson or bothering him, rashes on the baby face can make you cranky.  Read on to know the causes of rashes on your cutie’s face and treatments to keep that sweet –soft skin looking and feeling healthy.

What is that rash on my baby’s face? It is the question that pediatrics hears most often during a baby’s first years. However, face rashes are a common problem among little ones and parents should expect to see at least one on their child’s face during his/her first year of life.  Thankfully most rashes are mild and treatment –if any is needed is likely straightforward.

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Parents Beware – A Detailed Guide on Skin Rashes in Infants

One question for parents: What is red and scratchy but can also be lumpy and bumpy and can develop on the skin of your little one?

Answer:  If you answered rash, you are absolutely right!

Oh Crap! What is that? Where it came from?

It is parents ‘universal reaction whenever their cutie develops a very bright red and very visible rash?     

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Itchy Red Bumps on Skin – Causes and Treatment

Itchy Red Bumps

Somehow super itchy, red and raised bumps (commonly called rashes) on your skin (“once flawless”) have appeared and you want to know what it is. You are racking your mind to figure out how these rashes or blotches have got there. Is it some kind of warning, should you be worried?

We all know that itchy bumps are very distracting, annoying and irritating. However, the silver lining is that if you know what kind of these bumps are, then they can be easily treated. In this article, we will help you identify the most common causes of itchy red bumps on the skin.

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Underarm Cysts – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Finding unexpected and ugly lumps anywhere on the body for both males or females can be an intimidating and potentially chilling development. If those lumps are underarm/armpit cysts, the problem is likely more annoying than frightening.

An underarm cyst is primarily a sac under the skin containing pus similar to pimple. They usually result from a hair follicle or an oil-secreting gland within the hair follicle becoming damaged. Shaving is the major cause of the development of underarm cysts.

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