Vita Fit Garcinia Cambogia Reviews & 3 Best Alternatives


Garcinia cambogia has been rising in popularity since about 2015. The hype around this product has created some great stuff in weight loss. It has also brought out the charlatans and the tricksters. You have to be very careful about the brand of garcinia cambogia that you purchase.

You may be getting nothing more than empty packaging, because not all products that are made with garcinia cambogia are created equal.

Why Use Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia has been shown to naturally suppress the appetite. This superfood reduces cravings, which means that you will not need as many calories in your day.

As you reduce the amount of calories that you take in, you will begin to lose weight through a phenomenon known as the calorie deficit. Bodybuilders use this phenomenon to bulk up, but it can also be used to lose weight.

Garcinia cambogia also contains caffeine, which can be a huge problem for some people who are allergic or sensitive to it.

Let’s take a look at Vita Fit Garcinia and some of the alternatives that you might want to consider.

Vita Fit Garcinia Cambogia

Vita Fit is a brand that many people around the internet trust. When Vita Fit took on garcinia cambogia products, many would-be weight loss users rejoiced.

Looking at the reviews around the internet, it seems as though Vita Fit may have a winner. The garcinia cambogia products that it markets look to be useful to people with different body types and lifestyles.

Vita Fit has built its reputation on pure supplementation. This is important in weight loss, because the purity of the product is what determines its potency. The lesser brands in this space use preservatives and diluents in their products.

If preservatives are used, you can bet that the effect of the garcinia cambogia will be lessened. For instance, if there is less than 50% hydroxycitric acid in your garcinia cambogia, then you do not get the full effect of the appetite reduction.

Looking at the label of Vita Fit, you get this characteristic. You also get a good list of ingredients. This is to say that you do not see a bunch of binders, artificial chemicals, or fillers in the product.

Vita Fit also gives you a good dosage in each bottle. The dosage that most experts think that you need of garcinia cambogia is 1,500 mg. You definitely get this amount in the Vita Fit supplement.

However, there are literally hundreds of garcinia cambogia supplements out there right now. Do you have any other alternatives outside of Vita Fit?

Absolutely! Let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives for a garcinia cambogia supplement in case you find a lower cost or more convenient item.

Natura Best Garcinia Cambogia

The Natura Best garcinia cambogia supplement is made in the United States of America with only the purest green coffee beans. The beans give the garcinia cambogia extract in a very pure form.

This product has the 50% HCA that you should look for. It also contains good additives that will give you better absorption – calcium and potassium. There are no added chemicals or artificial ingredients in the product. The facility that it is made in is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, the individual dosage is slightly less than the 1500 mg dosage recommended by experts. Every pill is only 1000 mg, which means that you may have to break pills in half to get the correct dose.

Nature’s Design Purest Garcinia Cambogia Extract

HCA is also the active ingredient in Nature’s Design garcinia cambogia product, which is great for people looking for weight loss. You get 1400 mg per serving here, but the HCA percentage is around 95%, not 50%.

The product is free of any chemicals, and it is made in the United States of America adhering to GMP standards.

Pinnacle Nutrition 95% HCA Garcinia Cambogia

Pinnacle Nutrition previously had a garcinia cambogia formula that was 80% HCA, but this one is 95%. That is an improvement of 15% along with a general improvement in taste and texture.

This product is also tested by a third party for contaminants. The product comes with a money back guarantee, and it is created without any binders, fillers, or artificial chemicals. It is also one of the most consistently high rated products on Amazon, which means it appeals to a wide variety of people.

There you have it – plenty of garcinia cambogia formulas for you if you do not want to trust Vita Fit. All of the choices above are pure and have plenty of health benefits to go around.

If you are trying to lose weight, now is a great time to get involved with garcinia cambogia!

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