7 Clever Ways to Use The Gabriel Method to Lose Weight And Transform Your Body Instantly


Devised by Jon Gabriel, The Gabriel Method is a magnificent weight loss program, which will transform your life and will change your perspective. In the program, Jon has used a holistic approach of using both body and mind for losing weight and focuses on addressing and eliminating the root causes of obesity.

Jon started his quest to find a better way to lose weight, in which he himself lost 225lbs using this mind-body approach. He supplemented his earlier university studies in biology, biochemistry, and cholesterol synthesis with hundreds of more hours studying nutrition, neurobiology, and psychology. He wanted to see if “the answers lay somewhere between the space that separates the mind from the body.” The background research for The Gabriel Method is extremely comprehensive and thorough.

Traditional weight loss methods focus on what you can’t eat. Gabriel found that this can lead to a lack of vital nutrients, which may cause the body to go into starvation mode and gain weight.


Jon has used one term FAT Triggers throughout his diet plan, which means Famine and Temperature. Jon contends that when your body faces famine (starvation) and extremely cold temperature, it perceives danger. Resultantly, it slows down your metabolism, enhances your cravings for sugary foods as a source of instant energy, and starts storing food in the form of fat in your body.

FAT Triggers

The Gabriel Diet believes that instead of cutting the number of calories, should you understand the basic problem of your body and avoid these triggers so you can lose weight faster.

So here are 7 real issues that cause chemical reactions in the body that can force you to gain weight. By systematically addressing these FAT triggers that apply, you can reverse this chemistry and regain the ability to lose weight simply and naturally.

1. Physical, mental, or emotional stress

Stress causes elevated levels of cortisol and inflammatory hormones. These hormones lead to constant cravings and put your body into chronic fat storage mode. Many people don’t realize how important it is to learn how to reduce stress. Also, some people feel safer with extra weight on their body. It’s as if the body actually uses weight as a buffer from the world. You need to address the emotional issues that are making your body feel unsafe.

Solution: Start meditating and visualizing every morning. An action, which can be extremely effective for reducing stress. Doing visualization practices will help to resolve past traumas and get your body to feel safer with the idea of letting go of the weight.

2. Sleep Apnea or Lack of Sleep

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects many overweight people. It creates a hormonal environment in the body that encourages weight gain by causing elevated cortisol levels, which leads to junk food cravings and insulin resistance.

Solution: CPAC machine

Sleep apnea is easily treated with a CPAP machine. The machine blows air into your nose and mouth to keep your windpipe open, so that you can sleep through the night without problems. Kiwi is the best superfood for sleep, we encourage you to read here.

3. Inflammation and Poor Digestion

One of the reasons why your body is starving for nutrients is that your digestive processes is compromised, so you are unable to effectively extract the nutrients from the foods you are eating. Digestion problems can also cause inflammation and the inflammatory hormones put our bodies into fat storage mode.

Solution: Start eating lots of fermented and cultured foods. Also, take probiotics and digestive enzymes in order to normalize your digestion.

4. Toxins

Your body needs to release fat-stored toxins, to start cleansing and burning fat. If you need a psychological “break” from habitual and emotional eating, in order to rethink and reframe your views on food forever, you need digestive downtime and antioxidant nutrients.

Solution: You can start at home detoxification and cleansing, which will leave you in an amazing place hormonally. Your body will be more sensitive to the hormones leptin and insulin—and you naturally crave less food and make healthier choices. It is a wonderful way to start fresh with a renewed sense of accomplishment and energy, and it creates a healthy foundation needed for a massive transformation in your life. Read about our 3-day Detoxification Guide with Recipes.

5. Nutritional famine

One of the reasons why your body would naturally want to be fat is dieting, because it tricks your body into activating a famine response. And a nutritional famine is when you’re eating plenty of calories, but the calories don’t have the nutrients that your body is starving for, therefore you keep eating and eating in search of much needed nutrients.

Solution: Add the foods your body is starving for because you could be in a famine from diet or what I call a nutritional famine. These are the three things we need and we’re not getting enough of – protein, omega-3 fatty acids, which is a particular type of fat, and live food.

6. Chronic Dieting

The weight loss approaches currently taught are fundamentally wrong. They simply don’t work and the only lasting solution begins when you throw the old advice out the window and start all over with a fresh, new, and holistic approach to inside-out weight loss. It’s easy to starve yourself and lose a little weight in the short term, but if you don’t fix the fundamental and underlying problem, the weight comes right back the moment you stop dieting.

Solution: Don’t let your body starve. Feed it well, but don’t force a diet plan. Instead, work on adding the healthy foods as you can, giving your body the nourishment it needs so it can finally stop craving the unhealthy foods. You will also enjoy reading about how to loose weight without exercising.

7. Dehydration

The problem is when you’re not getting enough water it causes hunger not thirst. When we eat junk, we have processed the water out of our food so we’re chronically starving for water. We need water to eliminate toxins, which we have discussed. Also, we need water to burn fat, because when you burn fat you’re putting toxins out of your system.

Solution: The Gabriel Method recommends drinking a lot of water, especially when you wake up drink at least 2 glasses for water. It also recommends drinking a glass of water before every meal to flush out the toxins and burn the fat.


When you address the real issues of weight gain, weight loss is no longer a struggle. You’re losing weight, but you’re not dieting. You’re simply less hungry, you crave healthier foods, your metabolism speeds up, and you become very efficient at burning fat. Your body actually helps you lose weight.

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