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A Woman's 101 Superfoods Guide to Dropping Pounds, Boosting Metabolism and Loving Your Body More

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Everything we do has a significant and measurable effect on peoples health, we are not about health fads. We recognize that everyone has different health needs, depending on lifestage and lifestyle.

Maca Fertility and Better Sex Smoothie – Recipe

The Ultimate Guide To Moringa: Everything You Need To Know About This Popular New Superfood

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Moringa’s amazing nutritional properties and health benefits have long been known in the areas where it naturally grows, and are now widely recognized as a part of allopathic and alternative medicine.

Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Program

One of the many great benefits of maca powder is the known fertility and hormone boost. Maca is also an aphrodisiac, so add that with some raw dark chocolate, and you’ve got the base of a fertility and better sex smoothie. 

Dr Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” program focuses on a healthy lifestyle, mindset, and nutritarian way to live.

Instead of dieting, choose a healthy lifestyle with meals packed full of optimal nutrients that not only increase your health, but also prevent disease and may even increase your life span.


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