10 Best Hawthorn Supplements For Hypertension


According to WHO, over 1 billion people are suffering from hypertension and other heart-related diseases. It is indeed a ‘silent killer’ and kills more people than wars and pandemics combined.

However, nature has its way of dealing with such ailments through the provision of wonder shrub plants such as hawthorn.

In essence, hawthorn is the Crataegus monogyna plant from the Rosaceae family.

It is a unique plant found in temperate regions, most notably the Northern hemisphere in Asia, Europe, as well as North Africa and North America.

It is also called quickthorn or informally, common hawthorn.

Over the years, the hawthorn plant has been used medically for treating hypertension, arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat), muscle spasms, angina (chest pain), and other health issues.

Hence, its berries, flowers, roots, and leaves have been harvested to produce health supplements for hypertension sufferers.

How Does It Work?

As a unique plant, hawthorn has phytochemicals properties such as flavonoids, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, phenolic, and tannins.

These phytochemicals are particularly useful for treating cardiovascular diseases.

For instance, the proanthocyanidin acid can relax blood vessels that are far away from the heart. Also, an NIH study revealed that tannins could decrease blood pressure.

Also, it is an active antioxidant that has been proven effective for lowering fats in the blood, most especially triglycerides and cholesterol.

On the other hand, hawthorn is useful for treating digestive system issues such as stomach pain, diarrhea, intestinal infection, and indigestion.

Hawthorn has soothing properties that make it suitable for reducing anxiety. Also, people apply hawthorn preparations for frostbite, skin injuries, and itching.

However, hawthorn is notable for its extensive usage by people suffering from blood circulation problems, most especially hypertension.

Criteria For Buying Hawthorn Supplements

There are several hawthorn supplements in the market, so you need to be cautious before making a buying decision.

Here are some essential criteria to consider.


Some hawthorn supplements are formulated from GMO ingredients, which may be ineffective when taken.

To get the best value, you should opt for hawthorn supplements that do not contain artificial additives or preservatives.


Hawthorn supplements made from berries, flowers, and leaves are highly effective for medical usage.

On the other hand, supplements made from other hawthorn parts, such as the stem and roots, are useful as well.


Hawthorn is native to North Africa, North America, and the northern hemisphere in Asia and Europe.

To get the best quality hawthorn supplement products, you should consider products that emanate from its native environment.


Hawthorn supplements that are certified by health organizations like the FDA and the NSF are ideal for hypertensive patients.

These organizations prevent the release of contaminated products from being released into the market.

Additionally, you can watch out for recommendations by previous users to avoid making a wrong buying decision.

To save you from the stress of searching for the perfect hawthorn supplement for hypertension, we have prepared this list.

10 Best Hawthorn Supplements for Hypertension

1. Pure Encapsulations Hawthorn Extract

Pure Encapsulations - Hawthorn Extract - Crataegus Oxyacantha Hypoallergenic Supplement for Cardiovascular System Support - 120 Capsules

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As its name suggests, this is a pure hawthorn supplement that consists of original hawthorn extract.

It was manufactured by the Pure Encapsulations brand from non-GMO products.

Hence, it is free from gluten, hydrogenated fat, artificial fillers, and other unnecessary excipients.

Likewise, this hawthorn supplement can improve your blood flow, most especially the arteries surrounding your heart. This is particularly helpful for those who have cholesterols built up close to their heart.

Interestingly, it is a hypoallergenic product, which implies that its use will not result in an allergic reaction.

Hence, it is perfect for hypertensive people who have allergies.

The manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule of this hawthorn supplement between 1 – 4 times every day, between meals and you get 120 capsules in a bottle when you purchase this product.

2. Hawthorn Berry 4:1 Extract

Hawthorn Berry 4:1 Extract (120 Capsules) Supports Healthy Blood Pressure, Circulation, Heart Health & Immune System - Powerful Antioxidant Hawthorne Supplement

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Here is another hawthorn supplement for hypertension that you should consider.

It is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to ensure that it is free from gluten, artificial fillers, and other non-GMO ingredients.

It is formulated from the hawthorn berry, which is known for its effectiveness in improving the blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol levels.

Its antioxidant properties, such as flavonoids and OPCs, make it perfect for boosting the immune system.

For safety use, you should consult your doctor if you are taking it with other supplements.

Additionally, it is notable for its one-a-day heart health efficacy. This implies that you can take one capsule a day to improve your heart health.

Each bottle contains up to 120 capsules of hawthorn supplement; therefore you can use a product for four months to mitigate against hypertension.

3. NOW Hawthorn Extract

NOW Supplements, Hawthorn Extract 300 mg, Cardiovascular Support*, 90 Veg Capsules

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Here is a hawthorn supplement manufactured by a reliable company – NOW Foods, which has been in existence since 1968.

It was A-rated by the GMP to affirm its quality manufacturing process. Not to mention, NOW Hawthorn Extract is certified as a non-GMO product.

Plus, it is free from gluten, egg, and other dairy products.

Interestingly, it has been useful as a cardiovascular tonic over the years, thanks to its hawthorn ingredients.

Likewise, it includes several hawthorn parts such as the leaves, flowers, as well as the hawthorn berries.

Additionally, NOW Hawthorn Extract also consists of vitexin-2”-O-rhamnoside, which is quite useful in lowering high blood pressure.

Also, this product is known for its effectiveness in improving the digestion process.

It comes with 90 capsules in a bottle and NOW Foods recommends taking one capsule every day.

4. UltaLife Advanced Hypertension Supplement

Best HIGH Blood Pressure Pills to Lower BP Naturally - Advanced Hypertension Supplement w/Potent Vitamins & Herbs - Garlic, Hawthorn Berry & Forskolin for Stress Reduction & Heart Health

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As its name implies, it is an advanced hawthorn supplement for hypertension sufferers.

It is manufactured by the UltaLife brand in an FDA regulated facility and certified to be from non-GMO ingredients.

Unlike other hawthorn supplements for hypertension on our list, this product is also applicable for weight loss, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, severe headache, angina, and others.

One of its main ingredients is the hawthorn berry extract, which is known for its anti-hypertensive properties.

Also, it consists of natural vasodilators such as niacin and garlic for widening the blood vessels.

In the same vein, this supplement product also consists of Uva Ursi, which helps in relieving the body from excess fluid.

Plus, its forskolin content makes it ideal as a natural weight loss supplement.

Not to mention, it has garlic, olive leaf, and hibiscus ingredients, which makes it suitable for stress relief.

Its manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule every day.

A bottle of this hawthorn supplement comes with 60 capsules so you can take it for two full months before running out.

5. Swanson Hawthorn Berry

Swanson Premium Hawthorn Berries 250 Caps, 565 mg each

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It is manufactured by Swanson – a health company that has been in existence since 1969.

This hawthorn supplement is one of their quality products made from pure ingredients and conforming to high-quality standards.

As a hawthorn supplement, it has antioxidant properties stemming from hawthorn berries, which are useful for lowering high blood pressure. Studies also revealed its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol levels, i.e., blood fat.

Conversely, it contains gelatin, which is useful for weight loss.

This hawthorn supplement is certified by NSF International after a series of quality testing.

Also, the manufacturer applies standard practices to ensure a quality manufacturing process.

For hypertensive patients or pregnant women, it is ideal to consult your doctor before combining this supplement with other medications.

Additionally, its manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule two times daily. A bottle consists of 250 pills, which make it ideal for long-term use.

6. Amazing Nutrition Hawthorn Berry Supplement

Amazing Formulas Hawthorn Berries 100% Pure Hawthorne Berry Extract * Powerful Anioxidant Activity * Supports Cardiovascular Health* 565mg Herb Capsules * 120 Capsules Per Bottle (Non-GMO,Gluten Free)

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Here is an amazing hawthorn supplement for hypertension.

It is manufactured with pure ingredients devoid of artificial fillers, sugar, gluten, lactose, and other GMO products.

Unlike other products on our list, you can take this supplement either in capsule form or as a tea. To make the hawthorn tea, you have to open up the capsules and then mix them with water.

With this hawthorn supplement, hypertension sufferers can effectively lower their blood pressure without hassles.

Its main ingredient is hawthorn berries, which provide you with antioxidant properties and improves your cardiovascular health.

Therefore, you can rely on it for alleviating medical issues such as hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases.

However, pregnant women or nursing mothers are advised to consult their doctor before taking this supplement.

You get 120 capsules in a bottle and its manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule 3 to 4 times daily, between meals.

7. Herbal Secrets Hawthorn Supplement

Herbal Secrets Hawthorn Berries 565 Mg 120 Capsules (Non-GMO) - Supports Cardiovascular Health, Helps Maintaining Existing Blood Level, Powerful Anioxidant Activity*

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You can quickly alleviate hypertension with this hawthorn supplement from the Herbal Secrets brand. It is formulated from a GMP-certified facility that was approved by the FDA.

As a natural supplement for hypertension, it is made from hawthorn berry, which is known to improve cardiovascular health.

Not to mention, it is a pure product that does not contain artificial fillers, preservatives, and GMO ingredients except for gelatin.

This hawthorn supplement is hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergies when you take this product.

Interestingly, you can take this hawthorn supplement directly as a capsule or as a tea. To make your hawthorn tea, you have to open up the capsules and mix them with water.

This product comes with 120 capsules in a bottle and the manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule 3 to 4 times every day preferably with meals.

8. Superior Labs Hawthorn Supplement

Superior Labs — Best Hawthorn Vitamin Supplement NonGMO, Non Synthetic — 300 mg Dosage, 120 Vegetable Capsules — Powerful Antioxidant — Healthy Digestion — Circulatory & Cardiovascular Health

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This is a unique hawthorn supplement product from Superior Labs.

As a quality product, this supplement does not contain additives such as glycerides, dioxides, or stearates.

All its ingredients have been tested for pollution and harmful bacteria. Therefore, you can count on its manufacturing standards.

Superior Labs’ hawthorn supplement was manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and NSF certified to ensure quality manufacturing assurance.

Its hawthorn constituent makes it ideal for people suffering from digestive health and blood circulation issues.

Besides, it is perfect for supporting your cardiovascular system.

Its capsules are formulated with gelatin so you can easily swallow them.

You can get 120 capsules in a bottle and Superior Labs recommends that you take 1 or 2 capsules two times daily.

Pregnant women or nursing mothers are advised to consult their doctor before taking this hawthorn supplement.

9. Pure Mountain Hawthorn Berry Capsules

Hawthorn Berry Capsules - 90 Kosher Vegan Caps with 1000mg Organic Hawthorne Berry

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This is a dynamic hawthorn supplement for hypertension alleviation that also makes our list.

It was manufactured by Pure Mountain Botanicals – one of the reliable brands in the health industry.

Interestingly, it was certified by Kosher – a Hebrew certification agency.

Hence, vegetarians will find this product helpful for their organic lifestyle.

This hawthorn supplement product does not contain artificial fillers, flowing agents, and GMO ingredients.

It was formulated with organic hawthorn berry i.e., the fruits produced by the hawthorn plant. Also, its binding agent is vegetable cellulose, which ensures easy swallowing.

Conversely, its active organic compounds are useful for hypertensive patients to normalize their blood pressure.

It comes with 90 capsules in a bottle and its manufacturer recommends a dosage of 1 – 3 capsules every day.

For pregnant women or people suffering from a critical heart problem, it is ideal to consult your doctor before the intake of this supplement.

10. Gaia Herbs Hawthorn Supreme

Gaia Herbs Hawthorn Supreme, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 60 Count - Promotes Heart Health & Stimulates Healthy Circulation, Organic Hawthorn Berry, Leaf & Flower Extract

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Here is an ultimate hawthorn supplement for people suffering from hypertension.

It was manufactured by Gaia Herbs – an organic hawthorn farm in the USA. Thankfully, it is certified by OTCO as an organic product.

On the other hand, its primary ingredients include hawthorn berries, leaves, and flower extracts.

This implies that you are provided with active compounds to combat hypertension and other blood circulatory issues.

To comply with non-GMO regulations, its binding agent is vegetable cellulose, which is void of artificial fillers.

Also, this supplement does not contain gluten, meat, dairy, or other GMO ingredients.

However, this hawthorn supplement comes with only 60 capsules, unlike other products on our list.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule twice daily between meals.

Interestingly, this hawthorn supplement is available in standard and frustration-free packaging.

For the standard packaging, the product is sealed in its bottle. For the frustration-free packaging, the bottle is sealed with additional white plastic around the neck.

What Is Hypertension?

Hypertension is a severe medical condition where the force exerted by the blood against the artery wall is higher than average.

If left untreated, it can trigger harsh health conditions such as stroke, heart failure, atherosclerosis, stroke, and other coronary heart diseases.

In essence, blood pressure is the pressure (or force) exerted by the blood against the artery walls in the circulatory system. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure.

On the other hand, blood pressure is represented in two numbers, i.e., systolic and diastolic numbers.

While the systolic number represents the blood pressure when the heart beats, the diastolic number represents the blood pressure when the heart rests in between beats.

The standard systolic blood pressure reading is 140mmHg, while the standard diastolic blood pressure reading is 90mmHg.

A person who has blood pressure above 140/90 is considered hypertensive.

Benefits Of Using Hawthorn Supplements For Hypertension

Hawthorn supplements can provide you with various health benefits. Some of which include:


The hawthorn plant contains several antioxidant compounds, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins.

These antioxidant compounds can completely neutralize toxins in the blood, thereby lowering your blood pressure.

Treatment of chronic heart failure

An NIH study revealed that the intake of hawthorn could improve the heart of people suffering from chronic heart failure.

This makes it ideal for people suffering from hypertension. Besides, hypertension is not as severe as chronic heart failure.


Research suggests that hawthorn has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal for treating chronic inflammatory diseases such as asthma, cancer, etc.

Lowering blood fat levels

According to an NIH study, hawthorn can decrease the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

Also, ClinicalTrials revealed that hawthorn extracts could reduce the lipoprotein cholesterol ratio in people.


For centuries, hawthorn has been used to treat indigestion. A recent study revealed that hawthorn intake can speed up the digestive system.


Hawthorn supplements are more affordable than other treatment methods for hypertension.

Besides, you can take only hawthorn supplements without the need to consider other health supplements.

Apart from Hawthorn Supplements, Are There Other Hawthorn Product Forms?

Apart from the hawthorn supplements, you can also get hawthorn in other product forms such as cream, tea, syrup, snacks, and more.

Interestingly, hawthorn can be used for culinary purposes. Also, you can take it in raw form.


Hawthorn supplements are ideal for alleviating hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Besides, it has antioxidant properties that combat toxins responsible for severe high blood pressure. Also, several studies have shown that hawthorn can help to improve the blood circulation system.

By taking hawthorn supplements, you can help save time, cost, and efforts associated with managing the health issue.

Any of the listed hawthorn supplements we mentioned earlier are suitable for hypertension sufferers.

However, you can consider other factors such as pricing, preference, or delivery time before making a purchasing decision.