10 Best Magnesium Supplement Brands Reviews


Did you know that magnesium is the most abundant mineral in the body? Magnesium is vital to maintaining muscle, nerve and bone health. Deficiency in magnesium is also associated with increased rates of inflammatory disorders, which in turn are thought to increase the likelihood of developing serious conditions such as cancer.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, roughly 68 to 80 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium. They even go further as to state that 8 million deaths between 1940 and 1994 resulted from sudden cardiac failure due to magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium supplements are a genuinely important option with known health benefits, commonly prescribed to those with certain illnesses including Crohn’s disease, alcohol addiction, and kidney problems. Magnesium is a truly vital mineral that everyone should consider taking if they are concerned about not getting enough in their daily diet.

Magnesium supplements come in a variety of forms, including pills, flakes, oils, and natural sources. Since magnesium is, after all, a metal; it would be hard for the body to digest without special preparation. Magnesium supplements, therefore, come in a confusing range of compounds, to aid absorption – and some have been found more effective than others. The types of magnesium that work excellently are citrate, taurate, glycinate, chloride, carbonate, and malate. You want to avoid oxide, sulfate, glutamate, and aspartate.

In order to make the hunt for the best magnesium supplements review less tiresome for you, we have compiled the best magnesium supplements, reviewed in terms of most beneficial and functional supplements that are research-proven and user rated.

Why you should trust us

We take health and well-being seriously because we know our readers do. Through our long experience working in health and well-being, we have developed a reputation for clear and well-researched information that our readers have come to trust.

When researching superfoods and reviewing the supplements many of us rely on as part of our lifestyles, we take a range of concrete factors into consideration.  These include:

  • Level of nutrient available and how appropriate that level is for the supplement concerned
  • Quality of the product, including purity of ingredients as well as the quality of manufacturing
  • Other health benefits which may be added to a product – often these are genuinely valuable, but we like to check whether they are just market devices not worth the extra money
  • Consumer feedback about ease of use, taste, and other issues which we know are important in deciding which supplement is right for each individual

10 Best Magnesium Supplement Brands Reviews

10. Country Life Calcium Magnesium Potassium Supplement

Why we like it:
  • Besides magnesium, this product also contains calcium to promote bone health, and potassium, which can help maintain healthy blood pressure if used carefully.

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • This supplement’s suggested dose is for 2 tablets totaling 500 mg of magnesium – this is considerably higher than generally accepted recommended daily allowances even for adult men, who need about 400 mg per day. Bear in mind you will most likely also be getting at least some magnesium from your diet. Some vitamins and minerals can be safely ‘boosted’, but it’s not a great idea with magnesium. While not toxic, over-consumption can cause loose bowels, nausea and stomach ache.[4] Taking one tablet only (half the suggested dose) will be adequate for most people.


9.  Olympian Labs Magnesium Citrate Supplement

Why we like it:
  • The Olympian range of magnesium supplements is manufactured and distributed in the U.S., and so comes with a lower carbon footprint than imported options

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • Whilst this product can appear to be good value when bought in larger quantities, three capsules have to be taken to reach the full suggested dosage. If you take a range of supplements, this option is going to add to the time you spend swallowing!
  • The product recommends a dose of 400 mg – in fact, this is slightly higher than recommended for some users.


8.  Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium

Why we like it:
  • Doctor’s Best produces a very popular magnesium supplement, widely liked by reviewers because it is well prepared with amino acids which aid digestion.
  • Does not contain magnesium oxide, which is less bioavailable and therefore potentially a waste of money
  • This magnesium supplement is a good value, with a single bottle containing two months’ worth of magnesium if taken at the suggested dosage.

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • The packaging on the bottle suggests just one dosage rate. In fact, different levels of magnesium can be appropriate for different types of users. Whilst the recommended daily amounts don’t vary very much, most women would only need to take three-quarters of the suggested dose. In fact, taking too much magnesium is not ideal either.
  • The tablets are pretty large, and you are going to need to take two, twice a day, to reach their daily recommended dose.


7. NOW Foods Liquid Cal-Mag Supplement

Why we like it:
  • NOW Foods products tend to have a great reputation for quality and up-to-date understanding of supplements
  • The liquid format will appeal to those who struggle to swallow tablets
  • This liquid supplement has been given a blueberry flavoring, to help the medicine go down and cover up any metallic taste
  • This could be the ideal supplement for someone looking to encourage the health of their bones. If you have osteoporosis in the family, the inclusion of calcium and vitamin D could make this a well-rounded choice for you.

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • Although similarly priced as Doctor’s Best, one bottle only contains 32 servings. Effectively, this product costs twice as much
  • Despite the blueberry flavor, some consumers still find the taste too strong
  • The composition of this liquid means each serving contains 40 calories – not an awful lot, but this might put off those who have to regulate their caloric intake for fitness reasons


6. Source Naturals Ultra-Mag

Why we like it:
  • Source Naturals have included 5 different magnesium compounds in their supplement, so if you want to include a wide range, this is a good option
  • With a low price point, this could be a good option if your budget is tight or you don’t want to invest too much in trying a magnesium supplement

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • Like many other magnesium supplements, these come in quite large capsules
  • This product also contains vitamin B6, which can support magnesium in promoting neurological functions of the body – but long term or excessive use can lead to toxicity.[5] This might not be the ideal supplement for prolonged use.


5. ConcenTrace Mineral Drops

Why we like it:
  • This supplement feels much more natural than some alternatives, with all nutrients extracted from The Great Salt Lake in Utah.
  • Besides magnesium, this product also contains many other trace minerals including calcium, manganese, iron and zinc. Some consumers see it as a multi-vitamin in a bottle!

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • As it contains naturally occurring trace elements, some consumers might want to avoid this product depending on their dietary requirements. Potentially concerning ingredients include fluoride and arsenic.


4. Now Foods Calcium & Magnesium

Why we like it:
  • Besides magnesium, this supplement contains 1000 mg calcium per serving, making this a potentially interesting option if you are looking to support the health of your skeleton, teeth and nails
  • Now Foods has a good reputation for reliable, good-value products

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • The magnesium content of this product is composed of 80% magnesium oxide, which most health advisors will recommend against taking as it is not as easily absorbed by the body.


3. Twinlab Magnesium Caps

Why we like them:
  • These magnesium supplements are manufactured in a capsule format, which some people may find significantly easier to take than large tablets
  • Only one capsule needs to be taken for a full dose

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • This magnesium product does contain gelatin, so it won’t be appropriate for vegetarians or vegans
  • If you don’t need a full 400 mg serving, you might prefer a supplement in tablet form, where the dose can be more easily modified


2. Natural Vitality Magnesium Calm Supplement

Why we like it:
  • This powdered product uses stevia and natural orange flavoring to create a supplement drink which is intended to be palatable and easy to take
  • With a focus on the magnesium’s potential to lower stress levels and help you feel more relaxed, this supplement uses magnesium citrate for maximum bioavailability
  • This product deserves a high position in the listing for its combination of easy-to-use formula, novel delivery, and quality ingredients

Why you might want to choose something else:

  • Several other supplements offer other benefits from additional nutrients
  • Some consumers may find the process of measuring out the powder to make a drink time consuming, or less straightforward than simply taking a tablet


1. NOW Foods Magnesium Capsules

Why we like them:
  • One of the main reasons we are giving this supplement the top spot in our rating, is that it is simply a fantastic value. A package of 180 capsules can be bought for under $10 and, with only one capsule required per serving, this product represents a truly great value
  • The magnesium is prepared in three different compounds so that the consumer receives a range of varieties, and the minerals contained are easily absorbed
  • One package will last six months! Most other supplements will only last one or two, so this option is convenient for those who like to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You won’t need to spend as much time tracking what you’re running low on!
  • The capsule format is convenient and easy to use, but easier to swallow than some tablets
  • Users report experiencing improvements in headaches, joint pain, anxiety and sleeplessness, among other problems


So, what is the best magnesium supplement?

Ultimately, individuals are all different, and you may have spotted your ideal product in this list of the market-leading magnesium supplements. Our recommendation is NOW Foods magnesium supplements, because they do what they say on the package. No need to worry about whether or not other minerals are what you need, or could interact with other medications and supplements. Magnesium is a straightforward and important dietary requirement, so we suggest getting yourself a bottle of these great-value capsules the next time you are shopping for supplements.

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