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BoKU Superfood Powder Reviews
BoKU Superfood Powder is a 100% organic, non-GMO superfood product. It is also gluten-free, vegan and kosher, which makes the product more appealing to those who are looking for more than a basic superfood powder.

Below we review BoKU Superfood Powder and answer whether or not this product deserves to be the recommended green superfood supplement powder for your diet.

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About the Product
-BōKU® Superfood – The FUTURE of Food – Back to ancient secrets – NO GIMMICS
-Award-Winning – Naturopathic Medical Doctor formulated
-Organic pH Balancing GREENS from Land & Sea
-Exotic Fruits & Berries – Organically grown & certified
-7 Super Sprouts – Concentrated nutrition delivered in a “small package”

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What is BoKU Superfood Powder?

BoKU Superfood Powder is a blend of 60 organic ingredients ranging from greens, fruits, algae and even mushrooms.

Developed by superfood superstar Dr. Jameth Sheridan, this superfood powder is 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher, and is made with all non-GMO ingredients.

BoKU Superfood Powder also contains digestive enzymes and probiotics, something a lot of green superfood powders fail to include in their formula.

The nutrional label of BoKU Superfood Powder has the product broken down into these categories:

  • Super Greens
  • Super Fruits
  • Super Algae
  • Super Take
  • Super Maca
  • Super Sprouts
  • Super Pods
  • Super Extras
  • Super Enzymes

While each of these sections are proprietary blends, each section has 1111 mg of nutrition per serving, which adds up to roughly 9 grams of superfood nutrition per serving.

Each of these “super” blends contains an abundance of superfood ingredients. They are broken down like this:

Land Vegetables: Maca root, Horsetail, Nettle, Flaxseed Meal, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Leaf Juice, Dandelion Leaf Juice, Barley Grass Juice, Oat Grass Juice, Ginger, Broccoli Juice, Spinach Juice, Parsley Juice, Kale Juice

Wildcrafted Land Vegetables: Carob powder, Nopal Cactus, Spirulina, Chlorella

Probiotics: Numerous strains of bacteria to improve digestion.

Enzymes: Numerous digestive enzymes including bromelain and papain.

There is also a blend of 14 mushrooms in the Super Take blend that are comprised of the most widely used mushrooms found in traditional Chinese medicine.

This blend includes reishi, cordyceps maitake, chaga, mesima, lion’s mane, turkey tail, shiitake, blazei, poria, suehirotake, agarikon and the true tinder polypore.

These mushrooms are known for their immune support and aid.

All of these powerful superfood ingredients result in an immense amount of potent phytonutrients that can help prevent serious diseases and restore health.

What are the benefits of BoKU Superfood Powder?

According to the BoKU Superfood website,

“BoKU Superfood Powder contains some of the most potent, nutrient-dense organic foods known to mankind. These all-naturally sourced vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics can provide super nutrition to help support immune function, energy, improved mental focus and vitality.”

BoKU Superfood Powder is loaded with healthy superfood ingredients that are incredibly beneficial to the body. With 60 superfood ingredients that are all-organic, this product provides numerous health benefits.

Some highlighted ingredients and their benefits:

  • Chlorella and spirulina detoxify the liver, blood and colon and can help fight off many cancers.
  • Wheat grass, barley grass and kale can help to reverse heart disease and ward off damage from oxidative stress.
  • BoKU Superfood Powder contains alkalizing ingredients than help to regulate appetite, stabilize blood sugar and alkalize the body.
  • Plant-based nutrition high in phytonutrients can help to fight obsesity and type two diabetes.
  • BoKU Superfood Powder can help to protect the liver and kidneys from damage from pharmaceutical medicines.
  • The plant-based ingredients found in BoKU Superfood Powder regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Over time, the ingredients in BoKU Superfood Powder can help to clear up skin imperfections and create a more vibrant, healthy complexion.

What makes BoKU Superfood Powder different?

The key to BoKU Superfood Powder is to notice that there are no fillers, chemicals, preservatives, or cheap ingredients.

This product is all about high-density nutrition in the form of 100% organic superfoods, something that not many other superfood blends can claim.

This superfood powder can also be deemed a complete superfood formula as it contains digestive enzymes as well as probiotics.

While the more expensive superfood powders contains these as well, not many other formulas do, which makes BõKU Superfood Powder a terrific option.

What are the negatives of BoKU Superfood Powder?

Though BoKU Superfood Powder contains an impressive list of organic superfoods, it provides just 9 grams of nutrition per serving which is far less than other superfood powders such as Athletic Greens and All Day Energy Greens.

Though this isn’t too far out of bounds compared to other superfood powders, it is lacking in potency compared to others.

The fact that BoKU Superfood Powder contains different ingredients that other powders don’t, such as mushrooms, it might make up for this fact.

BoKU Superfood Coupon Code

There are no active coupons available for Boku Superfood at the moment this post is written. The product can be purchased from Amazon.


BoKU Superfood Powder is a 100% organic superfood powder made from a blend of 60 superfoods.

With a fairly low price per serving and roughly 9 grams of superfood nutrition per serving, this powder isn’t among the best, however it is a decent superfood formula that could provide many health benefits.

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