Residual Income Opportunity


Opportunities Like This Are Only For the Select Few And Only Last For a Short Time.

If You’re Going To Maximize This Opportunity, Your Time, And The Value You Create In The World, Then You Must Harness The Power Of Three Simple Principles of Nature That Can Change Your Financial Future Forever, And Here They Are:

Step 1: Residual Income
Residual IncomeIs residual income a principal of nature? YES!! A residual income is earning money day after day, month after month, year after year for something that you did a long time ago. Imagine getting a check in two, five, or 10 years from now for something you did today.

Nature utilizes this principal because it allows maximum results with minimum wasted effort. For example: the work it takes to plant a single seed can result in a tree that produces fruit and feeds you and your family for a lifetime. It may take energy to plant the seed and nourish the roots but once the tree is established it can produce fruit without your attention. You just collect the fruit… and enjoy.

This is called Passive Residual Income. When you apply this natural principle to your money and time, your prosperity will blossom.

Movie Stars make money off of their -movies for years, musicians every time their song is played on the radio, and authors can earn a check each time one of their books are sold. This is because an act value continues to produce its benefits into the future and so the creators of the value also reap the rewards into the future!

Elements for Life inc’s. “Principles of Nature” business model is a high integrity business based on “Fair Energy Exchange” and the principals of nature in a way that allows real people from all walks of life to plant small seeds of their time and energy in a way where substantial passive residual income is created. Imagine an income that grows every month, paying you potentially for the rest of your life, while you continue to thrive in abundant health and wellness. Two simple principles of nature; synergy and leverage can change your financial future…forever!

Step 2: Synergy

Synergy is when 1+1=3 !!! We have learned that the power of many people working together to achieve a common goal is a force capable of accomplishing almost anything. At times 3 people working together can accomplish more than four or five people working on a project independently. This is called Synergy.

Because there are only 24 hours in a day and so much to be done, financial freedom is a serious challenge for those who trade their time for money. There is only so much work you can do in that time. But what if you had three people, 10 people, 100 people, or even 1,000 people working together on a project or goal that they enjoy and feel good about? In a case like that, the sky is no longer the limit!

With Elements For Life you have a whole team of successful people participating in the prosperity program who are willing to invest their time and attention into your success! After all, the more successful you are, the more successful they are as well. Of course the health and wealth of all of our communities and EARTH as a whole is possible by through your achievements.

Step 3: Leverage

Would you rather earn 100% of your own efforts or 1% of 100 people working together in a state of synergy?

Make More Money with Less Stress Using the Principles of Nature!

Step By Step Success System

Why is this the best Home-Based Business System ever?
Three words…


Systems: The first key to true wealth is to provide a product that people want to buy over and over again because it solves or satisfies an important need or desire. The second key to wealth is to systemize your business, so that the system can do most of the work. Systems leverage your time and energy, and multiply both the value you are able to deliver to the world and your resulting income.

Incredible Superfood Product Line

Superfood Product

Imagine the power of a system where every person you enroll into the wholesale network receives not only discounts on these amazing products for themselves and their family but also a simple “business building system” that can be implemented immediately.

This allows them to achieve a business volume of thousands of dollars per month starting as early as their very first month!*

The Elements for Life Home-Based Business System was designed to make achieving a minimum first month’s retail sales volume of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 highly achievable!*

Elements for Life Distributor Packages To Choose From To Start Your Business

Live the Life you were born to Live by becoming an Elements For Life Distributor

Distributor Packages

One of our Business Perks Here at Elements of Life!

40% Fast Start Bonuses Paid Weekly!

Earn a massive 40% of the first month’s business volume transacted by every distributor that you personally enroll. Elements for Life offers value added business builder packages that range in price from $300 – $5,500.

The value added Fast Start Builder Packs contain a full spectrum of all of the Elements for Life essential products. We provide the tools, the system, and the support that allows even new distributors to achieve a first month retail business volume of $5,000 or more. We will show you exactly what to do and how to do it. If you fail to move all of the product in your start pack you may return the unsold portion at the end of the month.

You earn 40% of the fast start commissions on the actual business volume your new distributor achieves in their first 30 days. It could be more or less than their initial start package depending on whether they create a greater or lesser demand using the tools we provide in the initial package.

Example 1: Someone who comes in at $3,400 level may find that after two weeks they’re completely sold out and so they get another $2100 value pack whereupon they are able to move another $1500 worth of product within their first month in the business. Your commission in this example would be $1,960 which is 40% of the total business volume of your new distributors first 30 day business cycle. ($3,400 + $1,500 = $4,900 x 40% = $1,960)

Example 2: Another distributor in the very same neighborhood could come in at the $2100 level but after 30 days $1800 worth of product. In either example commissions would be paid on the actual business volume. In this case, your commission would be 40% x $1,800 = $720.

Qualifications: distributors may receive Fast-Start bonuses on the business volume of any distributor they personally enrolled up to a cap equal to the business volume they themselves were able to generate in their own first month in the business. For example: Gillian achieved first month’s business volume of $2,000. Gillian enrolls Fernando who achieves a $5,000 business volume his first month. Gillian earns a 40% commission on $2,000 not $5,000.

Who earns the 40% commission on the remaining $3000 balance? It rolls up! In other words, that commission is paid to the first up line distributor, whose first month’s business volume was equal to or greater than $5,000! Those who achieve the higher business volumes in their first 30 days, can receive unexpected commissions rolling up from any depth within their organization.

These commissions can range in value from $120 to over $2000 dollars, this can represent a very, very, substantial income for the serious networker and business builder! This is also a very effective incentive that helps your whole organization build very quickly. When everyone focuses on building as fast as possible in their first 30 days Miracles can happen!

Random Fantasy Example # 1: Jill enrolled 4 distributors this month who also enrolled 4 distributors this month. These distributors averaged a business volume of $600 their first month. In this scenario Jill earns four bonuses @ $240 ($600 x 40%) THAT’S $960!

What and Who are We Looking for?

We are looking for positive, motivated, success-minded and teachable superheroes who want to join us in this ground-floor opportunity that can change people’s lives in the areas that matter to them most.

We will work with you and show you a simple way get these superfoods for free, earn consistent part-time or full-time income while you’re having the best day ever, and learning and sharing the gift of greater health.

Our Team is one of the fastest growing organizations in Elements for Life, the premiere live superfood network marketing company.

When you enroll with EFL and join our team, you will have immediate access to the following…

  • The best superfoods on the planet at a discount! (With our easy referral program, you can actually receive them for free, and even earn ongoing part or full time monthly income.)
  • Continuous support to help you achieve your goals with EFL.
  • Tools (including brochures and dvds with David Wolfe) and techniques to build a business easily even if you’ve never done it before.
  • Your own Elements for Life e-commerce website. Just send your guests to your site and you get credit when they can purchase these products or enroll.
  • Exclusive EFL and Superhero Team live events, webcasts and informational teleseminars with David Wolfe and others (like the ones above) that will help you introduce superfoods to others easily.

There is no need for “Sales Tactics”
Our system uses tools, techniques, and products that educate, inspire, and actually “pre-sell” the business before you even talk to them!

Satisfaction Guaranteed—Risk Free!

We are so confident anyone can successfully use our system to generate the income level they desire that we offer the strongest risk free satisfaction guarantee ever. We guarantee as you use our products you’ll love them and want more or we’ll refund your product purchase! We guarantee you’ll love being a part of our community and enjoy the benefits of your own home based business! We will show you how to achieve an abundant income and provide a support structure and system to achieve your goals. If for any reason you are unsatisfied simply return any unopened product for a full refund!*

The Ancient Network

NETWORK MARKETING is considered to be the most ancient and natural form of Ancient Networktransferring foods or goods… person to person. Through simple word of mouth, Network marketing is like the communication network of the human brain and body where each cell has multiple connections that serve as communication channels for fuel energy and information. Network Marketing becomes a massive communication network where information,

Just like nature uses the mycelial network of the mushroom to grow through miles of forest floor forming the
largest living intelligent organisms on the planet.

The best thing about Network Marketing is that we are all already doing it every day. We’ve been doing it since we are old enough to talk and tell our little friends at school about our favorite toys or candy. Of course, our friends would then go ask their mommy and daddy to get them the same things so that they could have the cool toy or treat too. That’s network marketing. Every time you recommend the music you like, restaurants, movies, places you like to shop, mechanics, hair stylists, or anything else you do, your network marketing. A.K.A. recommending or “marketing” either intentionally or unintentionally to your “network” of friends and associates.

Network Marketing can multiply your income hundreds of times by harnessing the power of exponential growth. It is said that the whole world is connected through 7 degrees of connection. That means everybody you know, combined with everybody they know, and they know, and they know, and they know, and they know, and they now = everyone in the whole world!!!

Network marketing harnesses the power of those connections in a way that results in the creation of a worldwide “web” or network of independent distributors and businesses that you profit from automatically like clockwork each and every month!

Harnessing The Power

Our simple Success System is designed to compellingly attract dozens, even hundreds of existing retail customers as well as anyone who would like more income in their life… into the wholesale distributor network where They get wholesale discounts on all these amazing products while you earn a commission on all of the orders they place and all of the business they transact… each and every month… forever!

You also earn commissions on all of the orders transacted by every new distributor they enroll into the wholesale network, and, all of the distributors they enroll, and the distributors they enroll.. and so on, until you are earning commissions on a “network” of potentially thousands -even tens of thousands of orders every single month!*

Experience for yourself…

the Growth Pattern that Leads to Financial Freedom!

Elements for Life Inc. utilizes a technologically assisted “word-of-mouth” marketing model that allows each member to harness the power of exponential growth and synergy to become a center of influence and a resource for potent products that feel good, taste good, and elevate the user’s physical energy, vitality, and mental clarity. Follow the simple steps and the success system for true systematic duplicatability that results in an unlimited income potential achievable by nearly anyone!

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