Orthopedic Jokes

Orthopedic JokesThis article just intends to share some laughter by sharing orthopedic jokes, and in no way, offend orthopedics, its patients, or the orthopedic surgeons. Below is a collection of some of the best orthopedic jokes, which are sure to make you laugh.

It took 5 days for 3 orthopedic surgeons to do a jig-saw, and they felt proud of their achievement. When being asked why they were feeling so proud, they said it says 3-5 years on the box, and we did it in just 5 days.

How to you recognize an academic orthopedic surgeon at an orthopedic meeting?

Simple, He will be the one who can get his knuckles off the floor.

How is a carpenter different from an orthopedic surgeon?

By knowing more than just one antibiotic!

An extremely easy way of hiding a twenty pound note from an orthopedic is putting it in a text box!

How do you identify an orthopedic surgeon’s car?

It’s the porshe with a comic on the back side shelf!

An real orthopedic surgeon defines the heart as a soft tissue organ, which keeps pumping cefuroxime in the body.

If two orthopedic surgeons are spotted reading an ECG, they will be called a double blind trial!

Guess what is the difference between a rhinoceros and an orthopedic surgeon?

One of them has thick skin, a small brain and charges more than he deserves. The other is obviously the rhinoceros.

How do you define an shifting dullness?

As a round around an orthopedic ward.

Do you know the reason behind the anaesthetists instantly disliking orthopedic surgeons?

Because it saves their time.

Do you know the trick to make an Orthopedic Surgeon refer you to another person?

Simply by asking him the time!

There were only two people travelling in an elevator, an elderly lady and an orthopedic surgeon. when the lady wasd trying to get out of the elevator after reaching her destination, the doors started shutting. The orthopedic surgeon, being very kind, put his head in between the doors to let the elderly woman get out. The lady thanked him but asked why did he use his head for this. The orthopedic, grinning broadly, replied proudly that he needs his hands for working.

While giving evidence in a court, an orthopedic surgeon said that he is the best surgeon in the world. This made the judge very angry.

The orthopedic then reminded the judge that he was under the oath that he will speak nothing but the truth.

How many orthopedic surgeons do you think it will take to change a small light bulb?

They will say simply say that let them take out the socket as you won’t be using it anyway, which will only cause you more trouble later.

What does an orthopedic surgeon have written on the board hanging outside his office?

Done by professionals, please don’t try this at home.

Nurse to an orthopedic surgeon

An dog has started hanging around our office since the time he found out orthopedic means bones!

The second best thing to stay healthy is to give up smoking, drinking and fried food. But what is the best thing then?

Visit an orthopedic surgeon daily.

A plumber is called by an orthopedic surgeon to fix a drain which is clogging. The plumber visits him shortly and fixes the problem in less than 30 minutes. He then hands the orthopedic the bill for fixing it. The orthopedic surgeon gets shocked at the cost mentioned in it, and tells the plumber that he does not makes this much as an orthopedic surgeon. To this, the plumber replies, “I never made this much as an orthopedic surgeon either”!

What do you call the students who get an C all throughout their orthopedic study?

The best orthopedic surgeons!

Funny lines written on a t-shirt of a baby  – Who has two thumbs and loves being an orthopedist?

Funny quiz on orthopedist 

Orthopedists are –

A) Intelligent

B) Funny

C) Attractive

D) None of the above.

The correct answer is, come on, don’t you already know it?

One of the orthopedic jokes which was unintentionally made by an orthopedist himself.


Words printed by an orthopedic surgeon on his t-shirt which made the whole city laugh ?

Try not to be intimidated by my superior intelligence.

An orthopedic joke on the orthopedic operation should be included in this collection of orthopedic jokes as well.


How do you describe an orthopedic operation?

Someone half asleep, keeping someone half awake from being half butchered by someone half witted.

Hope these orthopedic jokes helps in spreading a lot of laughter, without meaning any harm to the orthopedic occupation or the people following it. Thank you all for reading it.

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