Scientifically Proven Natural Supplements for Insulin Resistance Which Result In Weight Loss


Ladies and gentlemen, today we’ll be talking about a fairly common condition of the modern era, one that increases mortality and the risk of diabetes, significantly worsens quality of life and, well, just isn’t something pleasant to have. Two words: Insulin Resistance.

Hopefully, you’re not familiar with it – and that’s great, stay healthy and fit! But in case you are, we’ll tell you about some scientifically proven natural supplements that could help you with your insulin resistance – and also result in weight loss. Are you ready?

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance (IR) is a pathological condition in which the cells of your body are resistant to insulin, a hormone synthesized in the pancreas.

Its main function is to control the blood glucose level and ensure a consistent flow of it from the bloodstream into the inner mechanism of the cells, so they can use the glucose up for energy means.

The causes for that are numerous. For example, it’s well known that a high-fat diet can lead to the development of insulin resistance, and the same goes for simple sugars, such as fructose.

In terms of lifestyle, a sedentary routine can drastically increase your chances of IR, and if we’re talking about viruses – HCV is a significant contributor to the IR statistics.

And that’s just the start of an awfully long list that also includes genetic factors, cultural variables, age, comorbidity and many medications.

The symptoms and signs also vary greatly and depend on countless variations in individual physiology, so they’re actually not a “must have” in IR cases.

We’re talking about intestinal bloating, excess weight and obesity, a feeling of “brain fogginess,” sleepiness, depression, abnormal hunger, and increased blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels.

But, actually, the only mandatory sign is, perhaps, an elevated blood glucose level, as it’s the direct result of IR, while everything else is secondary to that, one way or another.

Is There a Way to Treat IR?

The most important treatment for IR is a proper exercise routine and loss of excess weight, as the latter is associated with an increased incidence of insulin resistance.

Research shows that a low-carb diet may be just the right choice – take the hCG diet, for example.

In any case, though highly effective, these things may still take a lot of time in order to start showing significant results, so people are often wondering if there’s something that could speed up the process some more. In fact, we’ve got something that you might like.

Scientifically Proven Natural Supplements for IR and Weight Loss

That’s important because we all would like to avoid taking medications, if possible. All those shady chemicals being mixed on the border of God-knows-where can surely be a scary thing, so many people prefer going with something natural instead.

The usual problem here is that the supplements either don’t work at all, or work slowly enough to make you reconsider using chemicals instead. It is always advisable to consider some effective and safe options for shedding those extra kilos.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Some of the main benefits you can expect from omega-3 fatty acids are reduced triglyceride levels, improved insulin sensitivity and increased HDL cholesterol. It’s no wonder that omega-3’s are considered to be potent allies in the global fight against cardiovascular diseases.

After all, excess weight (which is often a result of insulin resistance) and atherosclerosis (often caused by low HDL and increased VLDL levels) are two major factors that contribute to the development of ischemic heart disease – one of the most common causes of death in most Western countries.

You can take omega-3 fatty acids either in the form of pharmaceutical supplements – or simply by eating more fish, as fish oil is one of the main sources of omega-3.


This one is fantastic. Supplemental chromium, taken in the right dosage, improves glucose levels and insulin sensitivity, but that’s not all. Chromium is a great scientifically proven way to increase satiety, reduce appetite and help control carbohydrate and fat cravings.

Perhaps, chromium is so effective because it works in two ways ways: on the one hand, it improves insulin sensitivity, while on the other it reduces appetite and cravings. A great combo for those of us who want to lose excess weight!

White Bean Extract

Would you like to lose significant weight in 30 days by just taking some white bean extract? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! A recent study has shown that white bean extract can help you to lose weight and still maintain your lean body mass thanks to its “starch blocking” properties.

It is said that white bean extract blocks up to 66% of the ingested starches, thus preventing you from actually incorporating them into your body. It’s as if you haven’t eaten at all!


A microelement responsible for the proper flow of hundreds of biochemical reactions in our body, magnesium also plays a great role in regulating the action of insulin and improving insulin sensitivity.

Besides that, magnesium also lowers blood lipid levels and helps you to prevent atherosclerosis. That’s why magnesium is considered to be highly beneficial for the health of your heart.


Keeping it simple, polyphenols are natural antioxidants with lots of other beneficial properties too. For example, scientists discovered that the polyphenols found in apples, green tea and cocoa can significantly improve the response of your body to insulin, improve your blood lipid profile and even lower blood pressure.

Besides that indisputable benefit of polyphenols regarding the specific subject of insulin resistance, their natural antioxidant properties are also fantastic: they lower risk of cancer and help your body fight age-related processes, allowing you to stay younger for so much longer!

Wow, that’s some tasty way to stay healthy and fit, isn’t it?

Of course, keep in mind that there’s no magic solution for this issue.

Even if you decide to take tons of chromium and magnesium topped with a generous layer of chocolate (hurray, polyphenols!), chances are that won’t help you much in terms of losing weight and improving your insulin sensitivity.

A multimodal approach is, perhaps, the best solution here. You need to focus on the most important factors that contribute to excess weight and insulin resistance – and fight them all simultaneously! Here’s a quick list:

  • A Sedentary Lifestyle. Movement is essential in order to lead a healthy life, so don’t forget to have some more of that from time to time. Start jogging in the mornings, find yourself an active hobby or start playing football with your friends. If you are serious towards losing weight, then everything counts; exercise a bit, climb the stairs. The point is continual mobility.
  • An Unhealthy Diet. Fast food? Fried and re-fried meals, topped with extra fat? Processed foods, in general? Nope, that won’t do any good. In order to minimize your risk of diabetes developing, control insulin sensitivity and lose weight – a healthy diet is essential. When possible, it is recommended to consume whole products without any processing – or minimal, if needed. Resort to various superfoods. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, whole grains and foods rich in fibers. Spending some time on the internet for amazing recipes towards weight loss isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Control Stress. Though this is not something specific, it’s well known that stress has an awful effect on every system and organ of your body. In fact, stress enhances your risk of developing almost every disease out there, because it gradually exhausts the inner resources of your body. So get plenty of sleep and try not to worry much!
  • Control Mood and Depression. It’s not a surprise that there’s a solid connection between depression and excess weight. People tend to eat more when feeling down because, well, tasty food is something pleasant and mildly supportive. But don’t get carried away with that, if you don’t want the excess weight to become a reason for further depression a bit later!

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