10 Best Paid Survey Sites In Canada

Online surveys enable you to put forward your honest opinions about all kinds of things and can influence the decision-making of several big organizations. At the same time, they are also the easiest ways to monetize your spare time, as you get rewarded for taking the surveys.

Most survey sites also include polls, microtasks, game playing and other fun activities for the users to get hooked to their sites and reward them for participating. The rewards can either be in cash or redeemable points.

Let’s look at 10 best paid survey sites in Canada that are free, legitimate and provide fun ways to earn those extra bucks.


1. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is known to give the highest number of annual payouts as rewards to their members, and you can earn over $1000 per year depending on your demographic and location in Canada.

You accumulate points for taking surveys and voicing your genuine opinions about several kind of products, services or even current affairs. The topic category can range from current events, consumer goods, banking, restaurants, automobiles and much more.

The points you earn are redeemable in the form of PayPal cash or a gift card for Amazon or Starbucks. The minimum threshold is $50 or 1000 Points.

Global Test Market offers a high volume of daily survey invitations. The initial survey screening saves you from wasting your time and getting disqualified midway, while attempting a lengthy survey.

1. VIP Voice

vip voice canada review
VIP Voice sends surveys for a broad range of industries. They offer five tiered memberships for their users, which means depending on the number of surveys you take, you will be advancing to higher levels and getting more points per survey.

You get points for all sorts of things including participation and qualification points. These points can be used either in sweepstakes, auctions or retail e-vouchers. Occasionally, the users may also get an opportunity to enter contests administered by VIP Voice, where they can earn cash prizes too.

There is no minimum threshold for redeeming the points.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an invitation-only survey panel that targets and sends interesting surveys to a particular group of people based on their location and demographic.

The minimum rate for the surveys is higher than other survey sites. For every survey you complete, you get a minimum of 300 points, which is equivalent to $3. Even the minimum threshold is $3, which means you can redeem as you earn.

The points can be exchanged for PayPal cash payments, checks, Amazon e-cards or other catalog and gift cards.

Occasionally, Pinecone Research may provide you with product testing opportunities, where they send specific products for you to test and give feedback. At times, you are even allowed to keep those products.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a fun site that offers a variety of ways to earn money. Apart from taking surveys, you get paid for referring friends, answering the polls, downloading the apps, playing games, watching videos and browsing the internet.

The points you earn can later be redeemed for cash back in Paypal or even gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon or Walmart.

Swagbucks also hands out free points to their members at random, and pays $5 for just signing up and taking your first survey. However, the sign up bonus is valid only in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia.

5. Nielsen Homescan

To earn points, Nielsen Homescan requires you to scan the bar-codes of your purchases and transfer the data to the Homescan data center – through a landline telephone or the internet. You can also take mail, paper or online surveys for more points.

These points can then be redeemed for any merchandise from the Nielsen Homescan gift catalogu – that has a whole range of products like electronics, household items, toys and more.

Nielsen Homescan accepts only one membership per household. It then places them on its waiting list and randomly selects a household to join a particular program. If you are selected to participate, they will send you a free handheld scanner for scanning the products.

6. iPoll

iPoll is a fun way to monetize your free time even when you are travelling. It has a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iPhones for answering the surveys on the go, and it is believed that you get more survey invites via the apps as compared to desktops.

The GPS feature of the app enables you to get location based fun tasks, such as taking a picture of a particular product or visiting a specific store. It even provides interactive reporting capabilities.

The rewards include iTunes gift codes, Amazon e-vouchers, cash for PayPal accounts and more. The minimum threshold to cash out is $25 USD which usually takes 3-4 weeks to process.

7. DailyRewards

DailyRewards members can earn cashback by participating in several activities such as paid surveys, watching videos, reading emails, playing games or performing microtasks.

A typical survey takes anywhere between 5 – 25 minutes to complete and fetches you $0.25 – $1 per survey. You may even receive higher valued surveys if you are consistent.

Other than that, you also get paid for signing up, referral programs and performing tasks such as – using Daily Rewards’ search engine for your web searches, opting to try out products & services from the DailyReward’s advertisers, etc. They also have sweepstakes worth $10,000.

The minimum payout is $30 for which you can request a PayPal cash payment.

8. MySurvey Canada

MySurvey Canada allows you to share your unique opinions and experiences on a variety of different topics. You can access surveys through both – desktop and mobile apps. Each completed survey can get you anywhere between 10-500 points.

You can participate in sweepstakes and referral programs, and at times you may also get product testing and webcam survey opportunities to earn extra points.

MySurvey Canada provides several options to redeem your points. You can exchange the points for cash to your PayPal account. Typically you get $10 for 1200 points, $15 for 1800 points and so on.

You can redeem your points for gift vouchers from popular retailers like Amazon, Boston Pizza, Macy’s, Olive Garden, etc. (1,100 points = $10 gift card). You can even exchange your points for merchandise or use them for cash donations to a variety of different charities.

9. Vindale Research

Vindale Research surveys are usually simple and take 5-30 mins to complete, and you can earn anywhere between $1 to $15. However the high valued surveys (up to $50) are slightly complicated that require specialized knowledge, and can take up to an hour to complete.

Apart from surveys, they have several other fun opportunities to earn money. You can watch specific videos, read paid emails, refer a friend, join their community and participate in challenges and polls, or even upload your photo or video with your Vindale payment!

Once you reach a threshold of $50 USD you can request for a cash payment via check or PayPal.

10. Web Perspectives

Web Perspectives performs research on a variety of topics like green issues, healthy living, politics, films, fast food, etc. Based on demographics, you can be invited to various research opportunities such as paid surveys, focus groups, diary studies, reviewing advertising campaigns or testing new products.

The survey frequency is quite high and each survey can fetch you anything between 100 to 500 points. For every 1,000 points you will be able to redeem $10 – as cash or a gift voucher.

The gift vouchers are from major brands like Amazon.ca, Air Miles, Cineplex, Golf Town, Indigo/Chapters, Puretracks Music downloads, TheSource or the Canadian Cancer Society and many more!


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