7 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Can Potentially Fight Pre-aging


How about kick-starting your day with a hot cup of espresso or cappuccino?

The steaming hotness much needed in your body, but how effective is it when it comes to premature aging?

Does it make you look better and younger or how does it function?

Looking old due to premature aging can be very irritating and ruins moods quickly. Did you know that preventing pre-aging is one of the numerous benefits of drinking coffee?

The controversy surrounding coffee intake notwithstanding, it’s essential to one’s health.

If you are having signs of premature aging, drinking coffee might be your best therapy. This article takes you through how coffee prevents pre-aging.

Read on!

1. Coffee has Antioxidant Properties

Caffeine is perhaps the most active compound in coffee. Coffee has antioxidants such as chromium and magnesium, which are essential minerals in the body.

The caffeine molecules and antioxidants repair damaged cells, thus anti-inflammatory.

This means that drinking coffee provides a rare anti-inflammatory activity in the human body.

Drinking, and also when applied to the skin in form of cream, coffee reduces age spots and saggy skin.

Caffeine found in beauty products constricts blood vessels. The blood vessel constriction reduces puffiness and redness in the eyes.

Caffeine, therefore, stimulates blood flow enabling the skin to tighten.

Coffee also contains linoleic acid, which reduces inflammation thus enhancing skin elasticity. Due to these properties, it brightens and tightens the skin while reducing pigmentation.

This caffeine, mostly in cream forms, reduces premature aging symptoms significantly.

If you are trying to look young and appealing rather than aged, caffeine in coffee might be your remedy. Although it doesn’t work once, repeated use of coffee works magic.

2. Coffee Lowers Blood Sugar

Did you know that drinking coffee reduces the blood-sugar level? Well, that’s according to a study by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Researchers found that the more coffee you drink in a day, the lesser chances of getting type II diabetes.

Drinking more than one cup a day reduces the chances of developing diabetes. Besides, this study is also in line with other studies.

While diabetes is one of the notorious causes of pre-aging, drinking coffee reduces this condition.

3. Caffeine Protects the Skin From UV Damage

Did you know that coffee has compounds such as polyphenols that protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) exposure? UV exposure and sunburn cause skin damage.

One Study shows that people with high polyphenol consumption from coffee had fewer age spots on their faces.

This study to establish polyphenol effect was conducted on Japanese women aged 30 to 60 years.

Drinking coffee helps fight the harmful effects of UV exposure. For the coffee to work, you have to take considerable amounts regularly.

4. Coffee Reduces Cellulite on the Skin

Are you aware that coffee can reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin? A coffee scrub containing caffeine, among other ingredients, was deemed effective in reducing cellulite in women.

Although not established whether it was the effect of caffeine alone, it’s believed to be a significant player.

Using fresh, wet coffee grounds helps in exfoliating areas of cellulite. This exfoliation helps smoothen the skin, thus stimulating blood flow.

If you are worried about excess cellulite on your skin, try this method, and you might prevent premature aging.

5. Drinking Coffee Reduces Facial Swelling

Caffeine is a diuretic agent that helps reduce facial swelling. The diuretic effects work in a way that skin cells retain less fat.

This makes coffee useful for dealing with localized fat on your face and puffiness.

Also, caffeine plays a huge role in slowing down the process of skin photo-aging.

6. Coffee Prevents Chronic Inflammation

As you get older, chronic inflammation throughout the body rises. Inflammation causes many diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

These diseases increase and become severe as people get older.

A study by Stanford University found that these diseases are a result of inflammation.

This study further found that consuming coffee played an essential role in reducing inflammation.

Inflammation comes along with pre-aging, and coffee plays a very critical role in reducing these effects.

7. Caffeine Makes You Look Younger

Coffee-derived beauty products help you look younger and attractive. These skincare products have lots of benefits that make your skin look healthier and smoother.

People who use coffee beauty products have fewer skin problems that those who don’t.

Skincare products are available in many types, from face masks and fragrances to eye cream.

If you are having a skin problem that needs attention, you can try coffee products. They are excellent skin therapy that can work for you.

Other Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

With the benefits highlighted above, it’s a high time you should learn how to make pour-over coffee at home.

Coffee also reduces pre-aging indirectly by improving one’s general health. Below are ways in which coffee boosts your health;

Better Moods

Drinking about 200- 250 mg of coffee elevates moods. That’s perhaps the reason why many people feel grumpy after missing the morning coffee.

If you drink coffee every day, you will probably experience less mood swings.

Fat Loss

Are you battling with excess body fats? Caffeine in coffee helps burn calories. Caffeine reduces weight loss in 2 ways;

  • caffeine reduces your appetite and demand for calories
  • Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate enabling you to burn more calories.

Lower Risk of Stroke

Many studies have found out that drinking coffee has a preventive effect on stroke occurrence.

The deterrent effect may not manifest itself, but it’s believed that people who drink coffee have fewer chances of stroke.

Cognitive Function; coffee intake increases blood supply to the brain. This improves cognitive function and keeps you awake.

Coffee increases mental alertness and prevents loss of memory or impairment.

The Downside of Coffee and Pre-aging

While drinking coffee has numerous benefits, there are some shortcomings. This happens when you take excess amounts of coffee, thus intoxicating your body with excess caffeine.

Too much caffeine in the body stimulates stress hormones. These hormones can lead to premature aging.

You might notice spots and breakouts on your skin after taking too much coffee for a prolonged period.

Also, drinking excess amounts of coffee can lead to skin dehydration. This dehydration, in turn, causes inflammation and collagen loss, thus wrinkles and skin sagging.

These effects are likely to show signs of premature aging.

Did you know that lack of sleep can lead to premature aging?  Drinking caffeinated beverages at least six hours before sleeping can interrupt your sleep pattern.

Caffeine makes you awake for long and can disrupt your body clock.

To avoid the above consequences, it’s recommended not to exceed 400 g of caffeine per day. A large Americano has up to 250 g of caffeine while a mug of espresso has 70 mg.

Also, you should take your coffee early in the morning to midday to avoid these unfavorable effects.

The Bottom Line

Are you fighting with premature aging? If yes, coffee might be the missing link. Coffee intake can help you conquer pre-aging to look young as you wish.

When taking coffee to deal with pre-aging, be keen not to take excess amounts that might hurt your body.

Coffee, when used effectively, will help you enjoy a healthier and smoother skin with few or no signs of premature aging.

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