10 Best Tasting Keto Protein Shake Powder Brands


10 Best Tasting Keto Protein Shake Powder Brands (That are Premade)
Living a healthy life is not an option. Now that our market is packed with many different Keto protein shakes you don’t know what to trust.

Some protein shakes have ingredients that may affect your weight loss program and hold you back from achieving your set goals.

Let’s take a look at a few things that will educate you on what to out for when buying your protein shake and health concerns:

Why To Use Keto Protein Powder?

What most people do not understand is the role of protein in the body. Proteins are responsible for muscle growth and makeup the majority of organs and tissues.

When you start working out your muscles break down. If you have enough proteins in your body then they will repair the muscles and enable growth. So what happens if there is a deficiency of proteins in the body?

• You weaken your immune system and hence an increased risk to getting.
• Your muscle can not grow or heal efficiently after work outs.
• Poor performance in the gym.

This is the reason why you need a keto protein shake if you really want to lose weight and stay fit. Keto Protein shakes will:

• Help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
• Increase metabolism therefore a better performance at the gym.
• Lose weight.
• Fastened and efficient muscle recovery

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Using Keto Protein Shakes?

There are various reasons why people choose meal replacements for their work out program. With so many manufacturers with different keto supplements there ought to be advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Keto Protein Shakes:

• Control over calorie intake since each protein powder has a specific amount of calories unlike normal meals.
• Lose weight within a specified period of weight
• Healthier choice compared to meals and other shakes
• They contain other minerals and vitamins
• Easy to make

Disadvantages of Keto Protein Shakes:

• They are not as satisfying as actual meals
• They may contain preservatives and ingredients that may do more harm than good
• When used for a longer period may lose efficiency
• They are expensive to purchase
• Some may be hard to mix

10 Best Tasting Keto Protein Shake Powder Brands

We are going to review 10 best tasting Keto protein shake powder products that will assist you in your ketogenic lifestyle. All products are FDA approved and available on Amazon.

1. Perfect Keto Protein Powder

Perfect Keto Collagen Protein Powder with MCT Oil - Grassfed, GF, Multi Supplement, Best for Ketogenic Diets, Use as Keto Creamer, in Coffee and Shakes for Women & Men - Unflavored


This powder is available in 4 flavors:
• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Salted caramel
• Unflavored

This Keto powder has the highest reviews on Amazon and there is a reason why people love it so much. One of the reasons is the four flavours and the rest are the ingredients.

There is no corn starch, fillers or fiber additives. This means there are no carbs or sugars therefore you get hours of sustained energy.

Since this Keto contains 5 grams of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) Oils which are used by your body and brain for energy, you get to maintain sharp focus and high performance in your daily activities and while working out.

The perfect Keto protein powder uses natural ingredients such as acacia fiber which is a prebiotic fiber that aids in digestion.

Perfect Keto Protein powder is creamy in texture and can be added to coffee, tea, smoothies and plain water.

There is no blender required to make this shake which is really amazing.

Once added to your ketogenic diet the shake is bound to get you achieve ketosis within a few weeks.

• Four different flavors
• Contains oil MCT’s
• No additives
• Great tastes
• Easy to prepare
• Energy boost
• Reasonably prized
• Zero Caffeine

• Stevia after-taste

2. Renew multi collagen protein

Renew Multi Collagen Protein Powder - 5 Types of Collagen - Hydrolyzed Grass-Fed Bovine, Marine, Chicken and Egg Collagen Peptides - Type I, II, III, V, and X - Keto Friendly Supplement


There is one thing that make this protein powder stand out from the rest. The Renew’s Multi collagen protein works to tighten your skin and maintain vibrant hair and nails as you age.

The health advantages include:

• Strong joints
• Healthy digestive system

This protein powder contains the five types of collagen I, II, III, IV, V.

this collagen types are very important to the body with health benefits like:

• Assist in development of blood vessels and tissues in the heart
• Joint comfort
• Assist in bone structure
• Creation of articular cartilage
You can mix it with any meal, beverages, smoothie or baked goods.

• Maintains your youthfulness
• Reasonably prized
• No odor
• No taste
• Easy to mix
• Contains five different types of collagen
• Supports weight loss

• Allergies may occur due to presence of eggs
• Bitter taste

3. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

Isopure Zero Carb, Vitamin C and Zinc for Immune Support, 25g Protein, Keto Friendly Protein Powder, 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Flavor: Creamy Vanilla, 3 Pounds (Packaging May Vary)


If you really want to watch your calorie levels then try this shake. Why? The shake does not contain carbs, sugar or fats.

You can add it to any beverage or drink and still get that creamy texture you love and that’s just the icing on the cake.

With 25g of whey proteins per serving your body will boost its metabolism and you can spend as much time in the gym without running out of energy.

In mountain climbing or hiking this shake will not disappoint.

It’s gluten free and lactose free.

To maintain your ketogenic lifestyle use the shake as advised. Unlike many protein powders there is no specified time for using them.

It can be after-workouts or between meals or breakfast.

• Gluten and lactose free
• Easy to mix
• Boosts metabolism
• Rich creamy texture
• Enough calorie level
• Contains whey proteins
• Supports weight loss

• Expensive
• High amount of calories
• After-taste

4. Vitamin bounty keto BHB Supplements

Keto BHB Exogenous Ketone Supplement - Beta Hydroxybutyrate Ketone Salt, Keto Pills - 60 Capsules


Since the aftertaste seems to be a problem to many people who want to begin their ketogenic lifestyle, the supplement are in capsule form therefore there is no after-taste.

There are so many health benefits associated with this keto supplements which are:
• Increase brain function
• Heart performance
• Liver behavior among many others

Due to the availability of BHB the body can boost ketones in the body and boost energy and glycogen required during work outs.

The main objective of maintaining a ketogenic diet is to lose weight, stay healthy and reduce fatigue, which are all enhanced by these capsules.

• BHB present
• Boosts metabolism
• Great prize
• Gluten free
• No aftertaste
• Variety of health benefits
• Curbs cravings
• Supports weight loss.

• Not filled in high doses
• Not for people under 18 years

5. Keto Drive BHB Ketones

Zhou Nutrition Keto Drive Exogenous Ketone Performance Complex - BHB Salts - Formulated for Ketosis, Energy and Focus - Patented Beta-Hydroxybutyrates (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium) - Orange Mango


Comes in three flavors:
• Black cherry with caffeine
Matcha lemonade
• Orange mango

To be able to perform at your peak you need these supplements. Not only do you get to do well in the gym but your brain is clearer and focused.

BHB levels help you maintain and increase ketone levels in the body. Athletes love this supplement for a reason. You can stay fueled for hours without getting tired.

The flavors are really good and refreshing compared to other supplements.

The supplements also ship all over the world this way most people don’t feel left out. The prizing is a little high when you compare to other supplements.

• Contains BHB
• Increased brain performance
• Refreshing flavor
• Sustained energy
• Energy boost
• Boost ketones

• Expensive
• Head aches

6. Ancient Nutrition multi collagen protein

Ancient Nutrition - Multi Collagen Protein Powder - Pure, Collagen Peptides formulated by Dr. Josh Axe, Gluten Free, Made Without Dairy & Soy, 16 oz (Packaging May Vary)


This powder contains five different collagen types, I, II, III, IV, V and a combination of fish, chicken and hydrolyzed bovine.

There are four different flavors:

• Vanilla
• Mixed berry
• Unflavored
• Original flavor

One might think that this combination will stink but surprisingly it is odorless and neutral tasting.

Due to this reason this powder can be mixed with almost any drinks, no surprise it is in the list of 10 best keto protein powders.

The powder contains 7g of proteins. Proteins make up 8 of the 20 Amino acids. 12 of them are non-essential which means that your body naturally makes them.

The remaining 8 are essential meaning you need to eat to provide them. With 7g per serving you can supply your body with amino acids and increase metabolism.

During work outs the proteins muscles that break down will be efficiently repaired and enhanced.

Additionally you can add your multi collagen protein to your favorite recipe. With only 35 calories you have control over your calorie intake.

• Supports weight loss
• Different flavors
• Reasonable prize
• Can be mixed with any beverage
• Food based sources
• Dissolves easily
• Low in calories
• Health advantages like healthy joint, skin and gut

• Bad for people with allergic reactions to fish and eggs
• Side effects like diarrhea and headaches may occur.

7. Ketologic Keto meal

This meal replacement is available in three flavors:

• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Strawberry

The meal replacement contains MCT’s that aid in metabolism by providing energy that is required for our bodies to perform various tasks.

Those who are looking for a meal replacement for their ketogenic diet then this is the shake for you.

This meal replacement suppresses your appetite therefore you are able to monitor your diet and calorie intake levels.

Ketologic ensures that you get into ketosis by boosting ketones with their low carb diet.

Preparation of the shake is very easy you can mix the keto meal with water. For a creamier and tastier shake you can mix it with coffee or a smoothie.

According to the brand you can also mix the keto with coconut milk or almond milk which I love.

The shake works as predicted. If you want to lose weight fast then you have to try this shake. What it does it, It boosts metabolism through oxidation of fats giving you energy that is required for a work out.

There are guidelines on how to take it. Since MCT’s have a few side effects especially to newbies. It is advisable to start small like half a serving to 6 ounces of you coffee or water.

You can advance to a full serving over a given number of days. This way you won’t experience nausea and other side effects.

Instead of gulping through it, you should sip slowly for an hour or more depending on the amount.

• Also works as a meal replacement
• Suppresses your appetite
• Contains MCT’s
• Rich creamy taste
• Energy boost
• Satiating
• Supports ketone production
• Great taste
• No artificial colorings, flavors and sweeteners

• Side effects due to MCT’s

8. Athletics Greens Ultimate Daily

This supplement is the best you will find in the market with multiple health benefits. The supplement aid in:
• Nervous system
• Immune system
• Liver detox
• Digestion
• Gut health
• Energy production and storage
• Hormones
• Anti-oxidants and superfoods

I confirmed that the supplement works better when used on a daily basis.

Due to the fact that it provides superfoods that support healthy aging there are a few reviewers at the age bracket of 50 -70 who claim that the supplements work very well.

The supplements provide so much energy that will enable the body to perform activities like rock climbing.

The company behind the product claims that they have researched the ingredients for 10 years.

Every ingredient is used in their pure form and the formula was developed by doctors and nutritionist.

• No preservatives
• No artificial colors
• No sweeteners
• No flavors
• No GMO’s
• No gluten or dairy
• Low sugar
• Low allergens
• Boost energy
• 75 scientifically proven ingredients
• Healthy aging
• Wide range of health benefits

• Expensive

9. Ancient Nutrition keto collagen protein powder

This product is available in three flavors:
• Vanilla
• Pure form
• Chocolate

The product contains MCT’s that help the body to generate boost and store energy. It does not contain any carbs either.

There are no preservatives or additives. The meal is gluten free, soya free and dairy free. Not only is it good for a ketogenic diet but also for vegans and gluten free diets.

Also contains superfoods that aid in healthy aging among many other health benefits. Due to the availability of MCTs it is advisable not to take more than one serving a day for beginners.

Once you take this meal replacement you can stay for hour with no cravings or hunger. The keto meal is very satiating and suppresses anger.

• Satiating
• Low amount of sugar
• No additives
• Reasonably prized
• Aids in weight loss
• Contains MCTs and protein
• Gluten free
• Soy free
• Dairy free
• Packed in a BPA free container

• After-taste
• Side effects like headaches

10. Ketogenix Keto Meal

With natural fat burning ability you can up your ketosis levels by taking a serving of this Keto meal a day.

This meal gives you a clear mind and energy to help you in your weight loss program. There are two flavors available:

• Chocolate
• Vanilla

What does Ketogenix Keto Meal Do?

• Boosts energy
• Helps in weight loss
• Improves mental clarity
• Suppresses your appetite
• Contains whey protein isolate

What makes it more popular is the fact that the meal replacement does not contain an aftertaste. It contains minerals and vitamins.

In addition it contains MCT’s and BHB unlike many other meal replacements.

• No aftertaste
• Contains whey proteins
• Contains BHB
• Contains MCT’s
• Satiating
• Carbs cravings
• Suppresses your appetite
• Supports weight loss
• Supports ketone

• Expensive
• Low quantity

Bottom Line

Choosing a keto protein powder is not the easy. The shakes above are not listed according to their superiority in the market.

I would actually say that they all are great but there is one that I love most.

Perfect Keto Protein Powder is my favorite the company has garnered a great reputation and the shake is very amazing I absolutely had no con (It is that good!) You can choose what will work for you and am glad I made it easier for you to choose.


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