10 Best Moringa Capsules


Moringa is a powerful substance taken from the moringa oleifera plant, a native of Africa and Asia, which is viewed as the ‘Tree of Life’.

It contains many healthful compounds and medicinal properties. This is why its leaves are popularly used in making of powders and capsules.

It’s also rich in antioxidants that may help boost heart health, reduce inflammation, and stabilize blood sugar.

As a powder, you can brew it as a tea or add it to smoothies, though the taste may be a bit strong for some consumers.

However, you can also take it as a capsule, which is why we’ve rounded up 10 of the best moringa capsules available on the market today.

Plus, our buyer’s guide at the tail-end will help you make a more informed decision from the many brands you’ll find and get one that’s best suited for your needs.

What Is Moringa?

Moringa is a plant that’s native to India and Africa, where it’s been used for thousands of years as a powerful healing and medicinal food.

As a powder (made from its dried leaves), moringa contains more than 40 types of antioxidants, over 90 supplements, and other vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, proteins, essential amino acids, and much more.

Specifically, moringa contains healthful compounds such as folate, calcium, ascorbic acid, potassium, iron, Vitamins A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin, B3 (niacin) and B-6. It doesn’t contain harmful cholesterol and is extremely low in fats.

The capsule form of the leaves contains the extract or crushed leaf powder, though the extract is better as it improves the absorption of its beneficial components (bioavailability).

You can check whether the capsules you’re considering have the extract or powdered leaf form by looking at the supplement facts label of the product.

Benefits Of Moringa Capsules

Moringa capsules are natural supplements that offer health-promoting properties and nutrients needed for a more vibrant and energized feeling every day.

There are many powerful health benefits you can gain from moringa capsules, such that it could almost eliminate your need for other supplements.

They also go beyond the usual vitamin supply, offering you an outstanding concentration of the most nutrient-dense plant’s health-supporting properties.

Its leaves contain a hidden powerhouse of therapeutic properties to support and maintain your health, and endless possibilities you can find by consuming the moringa capsules when you make it part of your daily routine.

The leaf is the most nutritious part, but there are other parts like the pods, flowers, and part of its roots that are edible with the taste like that of horseradish.

It contains concentrated phytochemical compounds with hormone-like or antioxidant-like actions that deliver therapeutic benefits for several conditions.

However, you should be cautious when using its roots because of their high concentration of some elements, which could cause toxic reactions.

Some people consume the moringa pods raw or like green beans/peas, or fry the more mature pods and eat them like they would peanuts. However, the leaves can also be used for seasonings, cooking for curries, and even consumed raw in salads.

Before ingesting the moringa flowers, which are like mushrooms, they have to be cooked first, but if you find cooking too much for you, the moringa capsules also deliver the same benefits and advantages you need.

10 Best Moringa Capsules

1. Perfectly Natural Herbs Moringa Capsules

150 Moringa Capsules Made With USDA Certified Organic Moringa Leaf Powder, Net Weight of 500mg per Capsule

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These moringa capsules by Perfectly Natural Herbs are vegan-friendly supplements filled with organically grown moringa from India.

Each capsule contains 500 milligrams of organic moringa, with no fillers or additives, though this dosage is relatively lower compared to other moringa capsule supplements on the market.

It’s not only nutritious, but it can be consumed by lactating moms and helps with mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats during menopause.

If you don’t enjoy mixing up powders, this is a more convenient way of getting a good source of moringa. Plus, the company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

2. Fresh Healthcare Organic Moringa Capsules

Moringa Oleifera 180 Capsules – 100% Pure Leaf Powder - Max 1000mg Per Serving - Complete Green Superfood Supplement - Full 3 Month Supply - Pure Miracle Tree Moringa Super Greens Powder Vegan Caps

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Fresh Healthcare delivers good quality moringa capsules that are very pure – no fillers or additives. They’re tested rigorously by third-parties and packed in California, but the main source of the moringa in the capsules is from the

Moringa Oleifera plants in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.

The capsules offer 1000 milligrams of moringa with each capsule so you can get all the advantages of the plant without having to use the powder for that.

They’re also vegetarian-friendly, GMO-free, and if you’re not satisfied with the product, you get a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

However, the capsules are a bit highly rated on a cost per gram basis compared to other such products, and its advertising may be misleading in terms of the claims it makes about the efficacy of moringa.

3. Organic India Moringa Capsules

Organic India Moringa Herbal Supplement - Green Superfood, Nutrient Dense, Pure Plant Protein, Vitamin A, E, K, Iron, Calcium, Fiber, Vegan, Gluten-Free, USDA Certified Organic - 90 Capsules

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Organic India is known for its high-quality products, including these moringa capsules filled with certified organic, and ethically sourced, moringa. They’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians, offering 22 gluten-free capsule servings in each bottle.

They’re a quick, convenient, and economical way of getting all the advantages of the powerful moringa leaves without struggling with the after taste.

Plus, you get all the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, anti-inflammatories, and protein you need for continuous full-body support.

The supplement also boosts clarity, focus, stamina, and vitality, so you’ll be delighted to get these as a bonus over and above the high source of nutrients.

These capsules have a good, rich, green color, and are gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO project verified.

The company also ensures the product is high quality as it trains small-scale farmers to produce quality moringa through employing the best, sound farming practices.

If you’re pregnant or lactating though, it’s not advisable to use this product. Otherwise, it’s affordable, and a great way of getting extra nutrients if you don’t drink tea or smoothies.

4. Royal Life Essentials Moringa Capsules

These nutrient-rich moringa capsules by Royal Life Essentials impact your body positively for overall and best wellness.

They deliver an alkalizing metabolism and energy boost so you get a greater sense of physical, mental, and emotional health.

The capsules’ manufacturer is a well-known brand, and they’re 100 percent natural, not genetically modified, but slightly more expensive than other capsules listed here.

To consume the capsules, take one before or after every meal for better effectiveness and improvements in your digestion and metabolism.

The company also offers a 30-day money-back and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

You can reach their customer care if you’re not satisfied with their product and they’ll take care of you promptly.

Other benefits of these capsules include liver and weight management support and high levels of Zeatin, but it takes up to 30 days before you can realize its effects.

5. Double Wood Supplements Moringa Powder Capsules

Moringa Powder Capsules - Organic and Vegan (210 Count, 1,000mg Per Serving) Amazing Green Superfood from Moringa Oleifera Leaf by Double Wood Supplements

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These moringa powder capsules by Double Wood Supplements are certified organic and vegan, to ensure a high quality and healthy product. They’re also non-GMO, gluten-free, and are tested for microbes or heavy metals in the

USA where they’re manufactured.

Each capsule contains 1000 milligrams of organic moringa leaf powder and rice flour, which you can take as a dietary supplement.

The instructions say you should take between 2 to 8 capsules daily with food, but your physician can also direct you on the dosage.

The product is moringa leaf powder and isn’t from the seeds, although the title and supplement facts may mislead you.

6. Carlyle Moringa Oleifera Capsules

Carlyle manufactures high-quality moringa capsules each containing 2000 milligrams of the potent moringa oleifera.

They’re easier to take and deliver a quick release of the nutrients you need for potent wellness benefits.

The product is non-GMO and is lab tested for quality in a GMP certified USA facility, where it’s also packaged.

Plus, it’s free of allergens like lactose, gluten, milk, wheat, yeast, artificial flavor, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and more.

Besides the moringa oleifera extract, its ingredients include gelatin capsule, rice powder, silica, and vegetable magnesium stearate.

To consume it, take two quick-release capsules every day, preferably with a meal.

7. Pura Vida Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder Capsules

Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder Capsules: Natural Joint and Arthritis Pain Relief. Energy, Metabolism, and Immune Booster. Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants. Non-GMO, Single Origin, 500mg Caps

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Pura Vida’s organic moringa oleifera powder capsules are harvested from the volcanic foothills of Nicaragua, in nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil, and then dried gently in a state-of-the-art facility to preserve nutrients and enzymes.

It’s also packaged on-site in a few hours of harvesting, which makes it the highest quality moringa capsule available.

The moringa farm and processing facility is 100 percent dedicated to moringa products, and they ensure you get the best quality thanks to the combination of organic farming and high-tech processing.

This also preserves most of the moringa leaf’s life-giving nutrients.

A 100 percent, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee is offered, so you can contact the company’s customer support in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

8. Moringa Fields Moringa Oleifera Capsules

Moringa Fields manufactures these vegetarian V-cap capsules, which are also vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

The moringa is raw from the source, packed with 25 bioavailable nutrients for whole-body support, including maintaining healthy pressure, blood sugar, joints, and elevating your mood.

Each leaf powder capsule is organic and caffeine-free too, with the main ingredient being the moringa oleifera leaf powder.

Other ingredients include the Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose derived from trees.

The product is manufactured in the USA, and you can use two 400 milligrams capsules twice every day for adults, and one capsule twice daily for children.

9. The Moringa Project Organic Moringa Capsules

The Moringa Project: Organic Moringa Capsules - 100% Pure, Natural, Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Capsules 120 Count

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These organic moringa capsules by The Moringa Project are natural and pure, without any old powders or filler chemicals.

The products are tested for heavy metals, microbes, and identity in its GMP compliant FDA registered manufacturing facility in the USA.

A 60-day risk free satisfaction guarantee is available and you can contact the company for a refund.

The company is actually founded on years of moringa knowledge and research with the goal of giving you the best and highest quality moringa capsules available.

The moringa is sourced from organic farms so you’re assured that you’re taking the highest quality capsules available, with no fillers or chemicals, just 100 percent organic moringa.

10. Green Virgin Moringa Oleifera Capsules

Green Virgin, the manufacturer of these high-quality moringa capsules, produces them using the best raw materials to create natural energy.

The process involves infrared drying that’s more superior to shade drying and is an advanced way of dehydrating the moringa plant without damaging its nutritive elements.

The product is wildcrafted and kosher certified to ensure the cleanest and purest moringa on the market and has no added fillers or additives.

You can take the small capsules any time of the day, and start enjoying the health-promoting properties and nutrients of this moringa, which will leave you feeling energized and vibrant every day.

The capsules are filled with 100 percent of the finest moringa powder, plus the purity and high potency of the highest quality moringa leaf packaged in oxidized, light packages.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In Moringa Capsules

Finding effective yet safe supplements today may seem like a daunting task especially with the lack of regulation amongst government agencies.

However, with some common sense and knowing what to look for when shopping for the best moringa capsule supplements, you can make a more informed choice.

Here’s a list of considerations to make when looking for moringa capsules to buy:

Dark green powder: The powder inside the capsules should not be light green or brownish; it should be dark green.

This indicates that the moringa powder was dried in such a way as to preserve the leaf’s nutrients while maintaining its quality. Light green or brownish colored powder indicates a low-quality product that lacks nutrients.

Ingredients: The label on the product you’re considering should have only organic moringa leaf powder as the ingredient.

Inspect the label and see if anything else is added, which would otherwise be unnecessary and diminishes the product’s quality.

Fillers are added in some cases, and these could be harmful.

Certified organic powder: The moringa capsules you buy should be certified to ensure no chemicals or pesticides that are harmful have been used during growing and manufacturing.

Non-certified capsules could contain harmful chemicals or are of poorer quality, so inspect the product and manufacturer for certification.

Cheap products: Unexplainably cheap products are a red flag. Granted, we all want to find a bargain, but when you find supplements that are inexplicably cheap, it can be a double-edged sword.

For example, a cheap price could mean the product is just cheap, but supplements aren’t produced using cheap processes, especially high-quality ones that are routinely inspected for safety and quality.

The company/brand: Before buying moringa capsules in a store or online, ensure you know the manufacturing company or brand you’re buying from.

Find a real physical address or website, social media accounts, and at least one or more methods of contacting the company so you know exactly who you’re transacting with before buying or consuming the product altogether.

Moringa Powder Vs Moringa Capsules: Which Is Better?

Moringa powder undergoes a long process before it gets to the consumer. This includes collecting moringa leaves from the moringa tree, gently drying them, and after they’re dried thoroughly, they’re pulverized into a fine powder, and packaged for consumers to buy.

The difference between the moringa powder and the capsules is that capsules are filled with the dried moringa, while the powder form is simply packaged into a box for use in smoothies or as tea.

Essentially, they’re the exact same thing, except the difference is in preference, and the dosage in capsules can’t deliver the same nutritive benefits as the moringa powder does.

A single gram of moringa powder can deliver up to twice as much protein as you’d get by taking a single serving of yogurt, three times as much potassium as you’d find in bananas, four times as much vitamin A as that in carrots, and seven times as much vitamin C as what you’d get in oranges.

Plus, one tablespoon of moringa powder offers you the daily recommendation deliciously and easily, while its bioavailability increases more in the powder form than as a capsule.

If you want to get a gram of moringa powder while in capsule form, you need to take more capsules at a go every day, which can be expensive, tiring, and uncomfortable.

However, capsules are great for those who want convenience, an easy way to take in the nutrients without making tea or adding to smoothies, and no after taste.

Benefits Of Moringa

Moringa oleifera, also known as the drumstick, horseradish, ben oil, or miracle tree has been in use for centuries because of its health benefits and medicinal properties.

The plant has antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant properties, but it’s also used for the prevention and curing of diseases and beauty too.

Among the many benefits of moringa include:

  • Moringa helps keep bones strong and healthy thanks to the calcium and phosphorus elements found in the plant. It may help treat arthritis and other conditions with its anti-inflammatory properties, plus heal damaged bones.
  • It also contains compounds that stop arteries from thickening thus raising blood pressure, so essentially, it helps reduce high blood pressure.
  • It improves eye health thanks to its eyesight improving properties drawn from its high antioxidant levels. It may stop retinal vessel dilation, prevent capillary membrane thickening, and inhibit retinal dysfunction.
  • Moringa extract can also help wounds close and reduce the appearance of scars.
  • The powerful antioxidants in the moringa plant extract protect the cardiovascular system by preventing cardiac damage and help you maintain a better and healthier heart.
  • Moringa seed oil is also helpful as it protects and nourishes your hair from free radicals, keeping it healthy and clean.
  • However, it also contains protein that protects skin cells against any damage. Plus, it boosts your skin and hair with its hydrating and detoxifying elements and could help prevent or cure skin sores and infections.
  • Protects the liver against damage from anti-tubercular drugs, and quickens liver repair, while the kidneys are shielded against disorders such as stones.
  • Moringa also helps fight against bacterial diseases thanks to its antimicrobial properties that may combat infections by Rhizopus, Salmonella, and E. coli.
  • Moringa may also help your body absorb more iron, which increases your body’s red blood cell count and in turn helps prevent and/or treat sickle cell disease and anemia.
  • It’s also helpful in treating mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
  • Moringa may help reduce and/or treat the severity of asthma attacks while protecting your body against bronchial constrictions. It’s also associated with better overall breathing and lung function.
  • The moringa extract can also be effective in preventing and/or treating edema, a painful condition where specific tissues are filled up with fluid. This is possible because of moringa’s anti-inflammatory properties.
  • If you have stomach disorders like constipation, ulcerative colitis, and gastritis, moringa extracts may help treat some of these and other stomach disorders because of its antibacterial and antibiotic properties.
  • It also helps reduce the amount of blood glucose, protein, and sugar in the urine, which ideally makes it helpful in treating diabetes.

Side Effects Of Moringa

Moringa may have few side effects that have been reported by its users, but before you consume it, you’re better off checking with your physician or doctor first.

It may possess anti-fertility properties, so the extract is not recommended for pregnant women, but always read the label on the product and adhere to the dosage instructions.

Like other supplements, the FDA doesn’t monitor moringa, so there may be quality and purity concerns. Ideally, you need to understand how valid the claims made by manufacturers of such moringa capsules are so you can judge if it’s safe for use and the potential side effects.

However, there’s a lot of research that backs up the benefits of moringa we’ve listed above, though some are in preliminary stages, or tests weren’t done on humans. So there’s a lot more to be done.

Wrapping Up

Although moringa capsules are marketed for health benefits or gains, more research is needed before these are confirmed.

Consult your physician before you go out and purchase a bottle or two of the capsules.

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