Best Vitamix 6300 Review

Vitamix 6300 Review
Vitamix blenders are some of the top blenders out there. Known for their high-speed powerful motor, Vitamix now has another blender model, the 6300, on the market.

The key features of this new Vitamix model include a manual mode as well as 3 presets for different kinds of blending. Below we will dissect the Vitamix 6300 to see if the blender itself warrants the high cost.

Why Should You Trust Us?

As a website that focuses soley on bettering health and well-being, we are always on the lookout for the best products to help us do just that – whether it be food products or products to help us live healthier in the kitchen.

As someone who has personally owned a Vitamix for over 5 years, I have experience with the brand as well as with what their products can actually do.


Vitamin 6300 – Featuring 3 Pre-Programmed Settings, 64-ounce container with Wet Blade and Lid, Get Started-Plus Recipe Book, Getting Started Instructional CD, Variable 10-Speed Control, 2-peak HP motor

$600.00 $570.00 from Amazon

Who Should Buy the Vitamix 6300?

Anyone who is looking to take their health to the next level or anyone who simply wants their work in the kitchen to go smoother, should purchase a Vitamix 6300.

This blender is one of the highest-end blenders that Vitamix currently makes and can handle pretty much anything in terms of ingredients.

It can grind, puree, chop and even create soup right in the canister thanks to the motor’s ability to heat up.

This blender is more expensive than other blenders, but if you keep reading you will see that the benefits of this machine far outweigh the cost.

What Makes the Vitamix 6300 So Great?

What makes all Vitamix blenders better than other blenders on the market is its power.

The Vitamix 6300 has a 2.0-peak horsepower motor, which means it can grind, puree, and blend better than most any other blender.

This motor is also what sets Vitamix motors apart from other blenders.

Containing such a high-powered motor allows you to do more with the Vitamix, which means it can replace other appliances such as:

  • food processors
  • blenders
  • choppers
  • juicers
  • immersion blenders
  • ice cream makers

While most other blenders only work for simple smoothies, the Vitamix 6300’s powerful motor allows for a variety of items to be created.

These creations can be:

  • smoothies
  • juices
  • milks, such as nut milks and others
  • pureed soups
  • ice cream
  • nut butters

This model also offers extra blender canisters such as a shorter canister that still holds the typical 64 ounces.

This shorter container is helpful when trying to store the Vitmix 6300 on your kitchen counter or inside the cabinets.

The taller container can make it difficult to store both the base and container together, which leads to having to store them side by side and that can take up more space.

Another bonus item is the dry grains container, which allows you to grind your own flours so that you can make homemade doughs or breads.

The Vitamix 6300 also contains 3 presets besides it’s manual controls – hot soups, smoothies, and frozen desserts.

These presets allow for a “set and go” function in which all you need to do is add the desired ingredients, select the proper preset, and let the machine proceed to do the rest.


Vitamix 6300 Featuring 3 Pre-Programmed Settings, 64-ounce container with Wet Blade and Lid, Get Started-Plus Recipe Book, Getting Started Instructional CD, Variable 10-Speed Control, 2-peak HP motor

$600.00 $570.00 from Amazon

The Negatives

There aren’t too many negatives to the Vitamix 6300.

If we had to point one out however, it would be the older-style blender container. Vitamix does now offer a shorter 64-ounce container that helps with storage space, but this blender does not come with it unless you buy it separately.

Though there is nothing necessairly wrong with the traditional canister, the shorter canister is newer and easier to store than the taller, older canister.

There are also complaints regarding the noise of the Vitamix machines, but unfortunetly that noise comes with a 2.0-horse power motor and cannot be avoided.

Thankfully due to its high speed, most foods can be pureed and blended quickly, so the noise does not last long.

Is there an alternative to the Vitamix 6300?

If you are looking for an alternative to the Vitamix 6300, then a lower Vitamix model might be what you should look into.

A comparable model to the 6300 would be the Vitamix 5200.

The 5200 model is one of the most popular Vitamix models due to its high-speed motor capabilities as well as it’s lower price range.

This model is more basic than the 6300 model in that it only offers manual controls and has no presets available, however the motor is still able to blend, grind, and puree almost anything.

Who Else Likes Them?

Vitamix blenders are beloved by all who purchase them, but they are specifically popular in the cooking and food industry.

The motor power, as well as the presets, gives chefs the power they need to create anything. Even those who only cook at home have fallen in love with the ease of this machine.

Presets allow for home cooks to simply add the ingredients needed, push a button and walk away, while the machine does the work.

It simplifies the preparation and cooking of foods for chefs and home cooks alike.

Vitamix 6300 Competition

The blenders that are most often compared to the Vitamix brand are Blendtec and Ninja.

Blendtec offers the most competition to the Vitamix brand, with a high-speed motor of its own, however there is no manual control with Blendtec blenders which means that each blender runs off of presets.

Vitamix allows for more control over what you are making compared to Blendtec, and from the models that I have seen, Vitamix blenders are more cost-efficient.


As you can see, there really is no downside to owning the Vitamix 6300.

If you are in the market for a blender and want something that is durable, reliable, and able to handle anything you put in it, then the Vitmix 6300 is for you!

Besides all of the benefits mentioned above about the Vitamix 6300, there is also a full seven-year warranty that can be upgraded to a ten-year waranty should you desire.

This warranty ensures that you will have a properly functioning blender for at least seven years and longer, if you so choose.


Vitamix 6300 Featuring 3 Pre-Programmed Settings, 64-ounce container with Wet Blade and Lid, Get Started-Plus Recipe Book, Getting Started Instructional CD, Variable 10-Speed Control, 2-peak HP motor

$600.00 $570.00 from Amazon

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