Goji Berries: The Fountain of Youth in a Fruit



The goji berry is a member of Lycium babarum and is considered to be the most nutritionally dense fruit on Earth. It has been honored and used traditionally in Asian medicine for centuries. It has also been heralded for its longevity, strength building properties and sexual potency.

What you should know about goji berries

The goji berry is a bright orange-red berry that comes from an evergreen shrub that mainly grows in the temperate regions of China, Mongolia and in the Himalayas in Tibet. Over the years, goji berries were found to have overflowing nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to the human body.

Since then, the demand for goji berries has skyrocketed throughout the years. Goji berries are carefully collected and dried in order to improve their shelf-life and preserve them for shipping.

Goji berry as the fountain of youth

Goji berries are known as the longevity food. The popularity of being the fountain of youth started when a professor and a Chinese herbalist stated that the goji berry had been a large part of his daily diet.

Li Ching Yuen lived to be over 256 years old and had practiced Qigong, an ancient exercise of breathing and movement, along with a regular consumption of goji berries.

Since then, it is widely believed by many Chinese people that goji berries help to extend people’s lives.

Many studies have found that this berry aids in the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The two important factors that contributes to the increase of HGH are sesquiterpenoids and L-glutamine and L-arginine.

Sesquiterpenoids stimulate the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, which in turn increase the levels of HGH.

L-glutamine and L-arginine are amino acids that work together to produce more HGH.

Moreover, the antioxidants in goji berries help fight and protect the body from the harmful free radicals and radiation that causes illness and aging.

In ancient Chinese medicine, goji berry is used to boost immunity, increase alkalinity and vitality, provide liver protection, improve eyesight, and improve blood circulation.

This berry is known as an adaptogen, which supports the body in healing itself while providing the essential nutrients it needs.

How to enjoy goji berries

Goji berries offer great nutrition to the body, while increasing the feelings of well-being and longevity. The ancient traditions used goji berries to make tea, soup and wine.

Today, the dried form of goji berries is a favorite handy snack for people on the go.

They are also popular as toppings for desserts like cupcakes, pastries, granola, puddings and ice creams.

Just like other dried fruits, goji berries are commonly used as replacements for raisins in recipes of all kinds. Also, the dried berries are a perfect addition to trail mixes and salads.


Goji berries are definitely a healthy addition to your diet. So, instead of picking up junk foods in the supermarket for snacks, look for the healthier option – goji berries.

They are commonly found in various Chinese herbal shops, health food stores, online stores and through network marketing companies.

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