Itchy Red Bumps on Skin

Itchy Red Bumps on SkinSomehow super itchy, red and raised bumps (commonly called rashes) on your skin (“once flawless”) have appeared and you want to know what it is. You are racking your mind to figure out how these rashes or blotches have got there. Is it some kind of warning, should you be worried?

We all know that itchy bumps are very distracting, annoying and irritating. However, the silver lining is that if you know what kind of these bumps are, then they can be easily treated. In this article, we will help you identify the most common causes of itchy red bumps on the skin

Unless you have been walking barefoot through poison ivy, you will need to do some research, and maybe a physician to solve the puzzle and find out the answer.

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Skin Types

Skin TypesOften times skin tone and undertone are used interchangeably. When using skin tone it typically refers to whether someone is light, fair, medium, or dark. Undertone on the other hand, usually mean being cool or warm.

Cool undertones are usually revealed in fair skinned people, those who appear more pink than peachy, dark brown skins with red tones, skin that looks bronze or brown when tanned. While warm undertones are reflected in people who can easily Tan themselves, who appears more peachy and with visible yellow tones.

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Skin Care

Skin CareDSkin is the largest organ of our body! It covers all our internal body organs and acts as a first point of defense against dust, diseases and allergies. It performs multiple functions for our body. It protects our body from external agents, regulates our body in case of environmental changes, helps in maintaining our body temperature and also performs breathing so as to keep our body rejuvenated.

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