Naked Juice Cleanse & Detox


Naked Juice Diet & Cleanse

Juicing is a very popular way of delivering a straight shot of nutrition to your body.

Those who juice swear by its ability to boost energy, deliver an incredible amount of nutrients as well as aid in weight loss goals.

But do commercial juices such as the Naked juice brand provide the same benefits? Read on to find out!

Naked Juice Benefits

There are many incredible Naked Juice benefits to juicing, not to be confused with whole fruit and vegetable smoothies.

1. Increased Nutrient Absorption Rate

When a fruit or vegetable is juiced, the fiber in the piece of produce is removed.

This removal of fiber leads to an easier digestion process for the liver and stomach, which can get bogged down from all the processed and unhealthy foods we eat.

The nutrients from a fresh juice are also absorbed at a faster and more efficient rate, allowing you to digest more of the vital nutrients.

2. Consume More Vegetables

It’s no secret that we don’t get enough vegetables in our diet.

With the unbelievable amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that vegetables can provide, juicing makes consuming them so much easier.

Eating at least six servings of vegetables a day as recommended can easily be achieved with one fresh juice a day.

3. Boost Immune System

Colds and flus will most likely become a thing of the past after you start a juicing regimen.

With so many nutrients being absorbed by the body, warding off and fighting infections becomes a lot easier.

4. Increased Energy

There’s no need for coffee or any other source of caffeine when you are juicing.

With the body being able to easily absorb the vitamins and minerals of the produce being consumed, the body can almost immediately feel an energy boost.

What is Naked Juice Cleanse?

The Naked juice line is composed of over 20 varieties of juices and smoothies.

The product line is labeled as “all natural” and contains “no sugar added” or artificial flavors.

Their drinks contain 100% real fruit, with some drinks also containing added “boosts” such as vitamins, minerals or other supplements.

Is Naked Juice Healthy?

Naked Juice diet may seem like the answer to your lack of produce intake problem, but not so fast.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons and see what the real benefits of Naked juice are.


  • Naked juice & smoothies have very appealing flavors. All of the juices are fruit based, which means that they are fairly sweet and easy to enjoy.
  • Due to the appealing flavors, even children will find Naked juices enjoyable, which is a bonus for any parent trying to include more produce in their children’s diet.
  • Naked juice contains added ingredients such as spirulina, chlorella, and wheat grass that provide a variety of health benefits.


  • Naked juices are 100% fruit based, which means that there are no fresh vegetables included, only added powders
  • Due to Naked juices being 100% fruit, there is an unhealthy amount of sugar in each bottle.
  • Naked juices contain other “natural ingredients” but there is no list as to what those are.
  • Naked juices may contain fruits and added “boosts” such as spirulina, but it is still a processed food product and is not as nutritious as a fresh juice made with real fruits and vegetables.
  • Though Naked juice is marketed as a healthy juice option, it does not compare to the fresh juices that can be made at home.
  • While there is no harm in drinking one of these juices every once in a while, relying on them as a solid source of nutrition is a mistake.

Green Machine Naked Juice Diet For Weight Loss

The Green Machine Naked juice, one of supposedly healthiest Naked Juice options, contains 60 grams of sugar in the entire bottle. A same sized Coca Cola has just 41 grams of sugar.

Due to the fact that juices like Green Machine Juice are made with 100% fruit, the sugar content is too high to be considered a healthy option, and the added “boosts” most likely provide little to no real nutritional value.

Fresh juices are also their most potent immediately after being juiced, which is why when you go to a juice bar they will only juice upon ordering.

A bottled up juice is no longer a “fresh” source of nutrients.

Alternatives to Naked Juice Cleanse & Detox

Recent trend is the rise of “skinny teas” or “weight loss teas” which promise to help people lose weight fast by drinking tea.

“Detoxing” is replacing “dieting” as the system of choice for those looking to shed their unwanted pounds.

Homemade Juice Recipe

The following juice recipe is basic enough that even first time juicers will love it but is still filled with plenty of nutrition.

Naturally sweetened with pineapple as well as apple, this juice is the perfect introduction to juicing!

Simple Green Juice


Serves 2


  • 4 kale leaves
  • 1/3 cup pineapple
  • 2 apples
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 inch knob of ginger
  • 1 handful parsley


  • Run all ingredients through a juicer.
  • Serve over ice if desired.

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