Top 100 Health & Nutrition Blogs


Are you looking for new resources in the following topics: Healthy Eating and Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle, Health, or Fitness? We have rounded up our top 25 blogs in each major category.

These are blogs worth reading if you are passionate about healthy living. While anyone can write a blog, these are the cream of the crop in our opinion. Each category is in no particular order.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition


  1. Skinny Taste – Skinny Taste is a delicious, low fat, healthy recipe blog with beautiful food photography and the added bonus of every recipe having the old and new Weight Watchers points included.
  2. Chocolate Covered Katie – Healthy eating doesn’t just have to be regular meals. Chocolate Covered Katie specializes in healthy desserts, which are both delicious and good for you.
  3. The Kitchn – The Kitchn is an online magazine that features cooking advice and recipes (including many healthy recipes).
  4. Sprouted Kitchen – Sprouted Kitchen is a healthy eating blog whose recipes utilize natural ingredients including healthy fats, whole grains, and natural sugar alternatives.
  5. The Pioneer Woman – The Pioneer Woman, whom you can also find on The Food Network, features ranch living with “cowboy friendly” recipes. She also covers, family, gardening and food photography.
  6. Eating Bird Food – Eating Bird Food is a recipe blog featuring low fat recipes that taste good, workouts and daily healthy living philosophy.
  7. Kath Eats Real Food – Kath Eats Real Food is a healthy eating blog by a registered dietitian who originally began to capture her 30 pound weight loss, but kept going with the blog after rave reviews from family and friends.
  8. A Couple Cooks – A Couple Cooks is a blog from a husband and wife cooking team who feature recipes and videos about wholesome and nutritious food.
  9. The Healthy Everythingtarian – After a struggle with weight in college and emotional eating, The Healthy Everythingtarian focuses on eating well, without a focus on labels.
  10. Sunday Morning Banana Cakes – A vegan blog that was started after a diagnosis of Crohns disease to help treat her condition in a more holistic manner.
  11. Carrots ‘N Cake – Carrots ‘N Cake’s motto is: “it’s all about eating your carrots and savoring your cupcakes, too.”
  12. Joy The Baker – Joy is a self-taught baker, who turned professional and subsequently turned into a food photographer and cookbook author. Many, but not all, recipes are dessert recipes.
  13. The Year In Food – Run by a freelance photographer, The Year In Food is a beautiful recipe blog that emphasizes fruits and vegetables in addition to creative cooking.
  14. Oh She Glows – Oh She Glows features over 500 healthy eating recipes that are labeled accordingly (vegan, gluten-free, allergy friendly, etc.) The recipes are vegan in nature and feature beautiful food photography.
  15. Chocolate and Zucchini – Chocolate and Zucchini is named after the author’s cooking style, focusing on natural, organic foods, but with a healthy taste for chocolate and desserts.
  16. 101 Cookbooks – 101 Cookbooks is a vegetarian blog that is aptly named after the author’s love and collection of cookbooks. After looking at her large collection of cookbooks, she decided to stop reading and start cooking.
  17. 100 Days of Real Food – 100 Days of Real Food was a blog created by a family with the challenge of eating nothing but unprocessed food for 100 days. Afterwards, they started a challenge of eating 100 days of real food, but on a budget, a requirement which many of us can relate to.
  18. Healthy Diva Eats – Healthy Diva Eats is a healthy and happy lifestyle blog, with an emphasis on eating. Katie’s mantra is “Surroung Yourself with Sparkle,” and you can always search social media with the hashtag #syws for some good vibes.
  19. Naturally Ella – A vegetarian blog that makes recipes not “feel” vegetarian. The vegetarian recipes are seasonal and simple.
  20. Prevention RD – Prevention RD is run by a registered dietitian (get it, RD?) that features a plethora of recipes and a great philosophy.
  21. Minimalist Baker – Recipes that have 10 or less ingredients and take 30 minutes or less to prepare.
  22. PaleOMG – A female take on paleo with a hint of CrossFit. Her blog’s description says it simply: “Real Food. Real Life. Real Simple.”
  23. Fit Foodie Finds – A blog dedicated to healthy living featuring gluten free and healthy meal choices that are yummy.
  24. Choosing Raw – A food blog dedicated to a raw diet and lifestyle.
  25. The Roasted Root – The Roasted Root is a blend of paleo, vegetarian, gluten free recipes. There is something for every diet.

Wellness and Lifestyle


  1. The Skinny Confidential – A blog focused on fitness, fashion, beauty, and health.
  2. fANNEtastic Food – This blog is run by registered dietitian and dedicated marathoner, Anne Mauney. Topics range from healthy eating, travel, fitness, and health.
  3. Mentality WOD – Whether you want to accomplish a specific goal, be at the top of your game, or take your training to the next level, Mentality WOD’s motto is “Mindset is everything.”
  4. Think Simple Now – A guide to simple living with a focus on personal development and real stories.
  5. Healthy Tipping Point – A blog on work/life balance, fitness, and healthy eating.
  6. Purely Twins – Twin certified personal trainers run this blog focusing on smart workouts, recipes, and life balance.
  7. Peanutbutter Fingers – A health and wellness blog containing health secrets, wellness tips, recipes, fitness tips, and other random musings.
  8. Daily Cup of Yoga – A daily reminder to work on meditation techniques and be grateful every day. Read more about the Ashtanga Yoga Method or essential oils.
  9. The Daily Balance – A wellness blog that covers a wide array of topics from motivation, product reviews, motherhood, healthy eating, exercise and more.
  10. Family Fitness Food – A blog about exactly what the name implies – family, fitness, and food topics.
  11. Fighting for Wellness – A wellness blog about anything and everything you need to have a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Live Well 360 – Health and wellness topics, comfort food recipes, and motivation to change your mindset.
  13. MindFitMove – The Mindful Fitness Movement’s philosophy is “based on the understanding that awareness alone is the most powerful catalyst for change.”
  14. The Family Herbalist – A healthy lifestyle blog run by a traditional naturopath and herbalist. Topics include gardening, cooking, exploring, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
  15. Summer Tomato – Summer Tomato is a wellness blog that focuses on cultivating healthy habits that you will actually enjoy. Look for success stories and weekly roundups.
  16. Evolving Wellness – A reference site that combines modern science, personal experience, and ancient wisdom.
  17. Naturally Savvy – A wellness guide focused on green and natural living. Fun features include alternagraphics, label lessons, restore, care, and nest.
  18. MindBodyGreen – A popular source for living a green lifestyle. Watch for news, recipes, fitness tips, and guides.
  19. Sonima – A blog dedicated to living free from self-imposed physical and mental limitations. Focus on doing what you can, when you can, to reduce mind and body limits.
  20. Wellness Mama – A popular millennial-focused blog that talks about house, home, green, DIY, and natural remedies.
  21. Stupid Easy Paleo – Paleo recipes and lifestyle advice that includes photography and healthy resources.
  22. Zen Habits – Zen Habits focuses on living a minimalist lifestyle with discipline and contentment.
  23. Psychology Today – A comprehensive blog on all things psychological and living well. You can order the magazine, find therapists, take tests, read studies and more.
  24. POPSUGAR – POPSUGAR is a popular online go to source for moms, fitness, fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, living, and more.
  25. BlogHer – BlogHer is a woman’s lifestyle media company that features top bloggers work, plus their own with their partner network, SheKnows Media. You can find anything from food, family, love and sex, health, DIY, entertainment, work/life balance, and more.



  1. Hello Healthy – MyFitnessPal’s blog on fitness and food. Take these tips to use on your own or in conjunction with the MYFitnessPal calorie and fitness tracker app.
  2. Fitting It All In – As a future doctor, this blogger’s motto is “Keeping busy, staying healthy.” Topics include nutrition, eating disorders, mental health, and body image.
  3. MizFit – A health and fitness blog beneficial to those who don’t have one-on-one training available.
  4. Food Politics – A foodie blog that focuses on the health aspect of food and nutrition. Not to be confused with world politics.
  5. Mark’s Daily Apple – This blog’s mission is to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life.
  6. Q by Equinox – A blog that focuses on the health aspect of food backed with professional credentials and health expertise for all things fitness.
  7. Healthful Pursuit – Healthful Pursuit is run by a holistic nutritionist who has food allergies. Talks about treating health conditions like food allergies with healthy eating.
  8. Chris Kresser – Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac is a leader in paleo, ancestral health, and integrative medicine. Chris publishes studies and motivates you to make the right health choices.
  9. HuffPost Healthy Living – The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living section that talks about anything from ergonomics, health news, mental health tips, and more.
  10. Body By Nature – A blog run by a holistic nutritionist that focuses on mental health, mindful living, stress management, and plant-based dieting.
  11. Healthy Hits the Spot – A personal story and guide about a certified holistic health practitioner talking about hot health topics.
  12. Health on the Run – Health on the Run not only talks about marathons, but also health news, vegetarian living, food, and more.
  13. Medicinal Nutrition – A holistic look at nutrition and healthy living. Jenner Leigh’s goal is to help women “balance their glow, flow, and hormones with food.”
  14. The Nutritionist Reviews – An approach to a healthy diet and all things nutrition and food.
  15. The Paleo Solution – While the name implies paleo (which is covered), the blog takes a fact-based approach to popular health headlines.
  16. The Medicine Woman’s Root – A natural approach to health that includes herbalism, folklore, living off the land, making medicine, and therapeutics.
  17. The Mountain Rose Blog – Herbal medicine and outdoor living. They aim to support organic agriculture, reduce environmental impact, protect the wilderness, and share the benefits of organic herbs and their properties.
  18. Dr. Andrew Weil’s Daily Health Tips – Dr. Andrew Weil is famous for his mindfulness and guided meditations. He offers a blog that keeps you up to date with natural health topics.
  19. Examine – Examine’s blog covers a multitude of health topics, controversial health debates, and health news.
  20. Authority Nutrition – A wealth of information on nutritional information, plus Authority Nutrition helps to sort out the myths from the truth.
  21. Precision Nutrition – A practical blog full of health information and infographics for men, women, fitness, and more.
  22. Eat & Run – Eat & Run is part of US News & World Reports. It features writers who “serve fresh diet and fitness advice” and provide expert advice.
  23. Science of Us – New York magazine’s blog on quick and easy to read health topics.
  24. Weighty Matters – A blog run by a family doctor who presents information in a fact-based and ethical manner.
  25. Well – New York Times’ blog on health by Tara Parker-Pope featuring trending topics, quizes, and Q&A sections.



  1. Fitnessista – Fitnessita has fresh workout plans that are 30 minutes or less, so it doesn’t take much from your day. The blog is run by a certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist.
  2. Tone It Up – Tone It Up not only features healthy recipe ideas, they offer workout challenges for every muscle group and have recently launched the Tone It Up Nutrition Program.
  3. Fitness On Toast – Fitness On Toast is run by a Swedish personal trainer. The blog features fitness fashion, informative workouts, nutritional tips, and healthy recipes.
  4. Fit Bottomed Girls – Fit Bottomed Girls features weekday fitness posts for men and women to encourage increased health through exercise and sensible eating.
  5. Eat, Lift, and Be Happy – Eat, Lift, and Be Happy is run by a personal trainer whose blog features fitness, nutrition tips, and a positive philosophy.
  6. Born Fitness – Adam Bornstein’s blog gives catered fitness and nutrition plans, expert Q&A’s, and a place to interact with like-minded fitness fans.
  7. The Lean Green Bean – The Lean Green Bean offers workouts, unique recipes, nutritional tips, and weekly series covering a multitude of topics.
  8. Girls Gone Strong – A woman’s fitness blog focusing on women who are committed to strength training. Strength training isn’t just for men and this blog puts a feminine view on strengthening and conditioning.
  9. FitFluentual – A community run by fitness experts sharing weight loss, workout, and motivational tips. They work with large fitness brands and feature ambassadors from popular fitness blogs and media outlets.
  10. FitBits – FitBits is a UK-based fitness blog featuring all things active, from running to boxing and everything in between.
  11. Breaking Muscle – Comprehensive guide on strengthening and conditioning. There are videos, forums, workouts, and more.
  12. Chic Runner – A blog on race prep, workouts, recovery, and more fitness.
  13. Blogilates – A blog about pilates that features free workout videos, calendars, and more. Plan your own pilates routine with the free resources to help from beginners to experts.
  14. Preppy Runner – A runner who lost 50 pounds and offers inspiration.
  15. Cathe Friedrich – A serious fitness blog with stories and tips.
  16. Nerd Fitness – Inspiration for fitness and health.
  17. Tony Gentilcore – Pro athlete strength trainer with tips on proper techniques.
  18. Tabata Times – CrossFit workouts, tips, and inspiration.
  19. Remodel Fitness – Real people, real fitness. Remodel Fitness’ motto is to “save women from their own negative body image.”
  20. YogaDork – That’s right, all things yoga.
  21. Lift Like a Girl – Empowering blog for women of all shapes and sizes to show weight lifting is not just for men.
  22. Sweat N Sass – According to the blog’s motto: “A place for active living, healthiness, well being, and that little bit of kick-butt attitude to help you conquer your goals.”
  23. Keep It simpElle – Expert woman’s trainer who shares her motivation, inspiration, and empowerment to reach your fitness goals.
  24. Roman Fitness Systems – Features free workouts, training, and nutrition backed by science.
  25. Run to the Finish – A motivational blog on fitness, clean eating, healthy lifestyle, and motivation to reach your fitness goals.
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