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Where is Your Appendix Located on Female and Male Body

Appendix looks like a thin fingerlike pouch that’s adjoined to large intestine situated at lower right portion of your stomach. Scientists and doctors are uncertain of the real function of appendix, if there’s anything, however, this small thing can get us into troubles and getting rid of this has no fatal effect to individual’s health.

Where is Your Appendix Located (in Female or Male Body)

The location of appendix whether in female, male or child body is situated at the lower right portion of your belly and it’s connected with the cecum that’s part of large intestines. Cecum is one small bag that is sited at the primary part of large intestines and not on its end part which is known as the anus. This is absolutely not situated anywhere close to the ribs.

There’s no real function that had been long-established for appendix along with it it’s only observed when inflammation happens (appendicitis) and ought to be impassive (appendectomy). Moreover, it was stated before that an individual’s appendix that contains situs inversus could obtain their appendix below the left portion of the stomach.

Where is Your Appendix Located

Function of the Appendix

A number of researches before proved that this tiny structure contains a lot of functions. Its main role is to participate within the immune system. With this, the wall or partition of appendix has lymphatic tissue wherein the sole function is to create antibodies. This part has similar histological formation to the entire colon. It contains as well a tiny layer of muscles which produces small quantity of mucus which course all over the appendix then towards the cecum.

Actually, you don’t need to think twice when getting appendectomy or surgery to get rid of appendix because this organ has no definite function within the system. Also, removal of this doesn’t affect the body at any cost. Appendix function only helps the digestive organ, thus this has been defined as vestigial organ. It means that this has no functions at all.

Appendix Pain Symptoms

A lot of people are not aware of the precise cause of getting appendicitis as there are some who went through their life with no problems. Even if the main root of having this condition’s just blockage and obstructions in the appendix there can be some other reason. There can be infections within the gastrointestinal tract that may cause the tissues of lymph glands to become large and inflamed. Additionally, the ruptured appendix pain can be cause of some inflammatory bowel conditions, ulcerative colitis or trauma within the abdomen.

Kinds of pain is classic by nature and doctors often search it simple to describe the problem. Pain may happen abruptly and would usually begin in the core of abdomen and will go through the other side. Those who suffered appendix pain symptom on other side states that it’s painful and shows to be worsen with each passing minute, pain would seems to increase each time you cough, sneeze and move.

Some of the symptoms are

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Running low fever
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Discomfort when doing bowel movement
  • Swelling of abdomen or the other side

And some advanced symptoms:

  • Abdominal rigidity and swelling
  • Soreness at right portion of abdomen if pressed on its left side

Appendix Removal Appendectomy


This appendix surgery process is usually performed during urgent situation if the patient’s experiencing from severe appendicitis that involves high fever and strong pain. The whole diagnostic test must be done promptly since the time interval involving the start of symptoms along with ruptures can differ, although normally it occur around 36 up to 48 hrs.

There are two kinds of operation:

  • Classical, open operation
  • Laparoscopic operation
  • Usually, antibiotics are provided to patients before their surgery particularly upon the detection of appendicitis. The young person that has grave symptoms must receive antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and medications to relieve pain.

Laparoscopic operation is usually done by utilizing 2 to 3 instruments widely called as ports. These ports are to be found at the belly bottom, at the mid-right tummy and lower left abdomen. This kind of operation is roughly similar to the classical process.

Classical, open methods are performed through the small incision done on lower right portion of the belly. Usually, the incision has 2 to 3 inches in measurement. After the medical doctor checked up the part of inflammation, the appendix’s then removed. When a swelling is formed, the entire collection of excretion or pus is also removed then a tiny tube’s placed inside to help out in draining the pus or fluids.

Appendix Cancer

Appendix cancer is rare. Around 200 patients diagnosed with this each year and develop when cells inside the body or organ become abnormal plus when this replicates uncontrollably and autonomously.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Right side pain in abdomen
  • Change in bowel function
  • Infertility
  • Belly button protruding
  • Bloating
  • Swollen abdomen

The cause of appendix cancer is really unknown. And the normal age that cancer of appendix is detected is at age 40 and it’s very rare to happen to children.

Some treatment methods that doctors may follow are:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy

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