6 HEALTHY Corporate Gift Ideas this Summer

Corporate gifts are the best means to reflect that you value your association with your employees, clients and business partners. There is no distinct occasion when you want to compliment and exchange tributes.

On successful completion of a project or to celebrate the annual events and even rejoicing the festive time, corporate gifts mark the year long-calendar for organizations and businesses.

People want to share something new every time and the same is expected at the receiving end. Markets too get inundated with fresh items every season but most of the time, you get to see similar products in a different form or they are twisted a little to add a fresh look.

This summer, we suggest you to try something healthy. Here we have listed 6 great ideas which are not just healthy but works perfect for corporate gifts.

Rest assured, these will not end up occupying the dusty corners of your client’s cabin, but instead, it will have a positive impact on their health and well-being.

1. Sugar-free Chocolates –

Chocolates are loved by all and this is perhaps why they never go out of sight for gift ideas. The health benefits of cocoa are not hidden either. Reducing bad cholesterol to subsiding chances of heart attack and stroke, chocolate does more good than you think.

Numerous studies have suggested that cocoa helps towards preventing diabetes. It is noticed that cocoa improves insulin sensitivity that prohibits diabetes to develop or delay its onset.

Sugar-free Chocolates can be a great option. Those who are wary of sugar intake or prefer natural sugars and even for binge eaters, it is good for all.

These are readily available these days in beautiful packaging. You can even go for customize chocolates with logo printing and personalized messages.

Wooden cases with name engraving add to professional touch.


2. Dried Fruit and Nuts Basket –

Dried fruits and nuts are a perfect combination of richness, taste and health. Though it’s a traditional gifting idea but has never gone out of liking even after so many years.

There are two apparent reasons for it. One – They have relatively longer shelf life. Two – they offer enormous health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, dried fruits and nuts are highly nutritious and counted as a rich source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Anemia, heart diseases, and gut health are only a few conditions they are beneficial in.

Dried fruit baskets come in luxurious flavors with savory nuts and sweets, beautifully packed with a lot of goodness.

Packs of roasted nuts, cashew splits, and assorted fruits are delicately placed in exquisite sets and baskets, drawing every shopper’s attention at first glimpse.

3. Fitness Tracker Machines –


A blood pressure monitoring device, heart rate checker, smart bands, sugar monitoring device, sun protection gadgets and smart sensors can be found in any household these days.

We cannot visit a doctor every time. With growing age, these machines are essentially required to be kept at home.

For a change, why not gift one of these to your business partners? These are highly useful and often come handy in case of an emergency or routine self examination.

Online vendors these days offer free gift packaging and direct delivery to the recipient. Simply place an order and add a greeting to it.

4. LED Lights –

Nowadays a range of LED lights are available that make for a great corporate gift for your clients and associates. Being energy efficient, long lasting and environment friendly, LED lighting is a thoughtful choice.

They come in versatile designs and layouts so you can choose between wall lights, decorative ceiling lights, and task lamps.

One can also adjust the brightness of lights by lowering the lumen output. Reduced glare in turn promotes eye-care and increases attention span.

Sleek in style LED task lamps for computers and laptops are very much in fashion. These don’t require you to switch on the room lighting and can easily be fitted alongside your computer system.

Let your clients and employees have a soothing and relaxed experience even while working.

5. Weight-loss Candies –


Whether a sweet tooth or not, we all enjoy a little bit of indulgence every now and then. Weight-loss candies keep calories to a minimum and induce weight loss. For example – Hard candies can be a great alternative to a regular snack. One hard candy usually consists of 15 to 30 calories and takes longer to consume.

In fact they moisten the throat flavor that subside hunger cravings. The urge to consume more snacks is reduced as you end up finishing your candy portions.

Candies come in attractive shapes. Heart, square, star and fruit shaped candies sell the most. Apple, grape, orange and mint flavor candies make for an elaborated spread.

You can also order for assortment packs having a variety of flavors in a single set.

6. Organic Snack Food –

More and more people are hooking to organic snacks these days.

Most of the packaged food and snacks contain genetically modified ingredients that put us at a greater risk for food allergies and health issues.

Because these organic snacks are carefully examined for level of pesticides and certified for quality and goodness, people tend to prefer organic snacks.

Peanut butter, chips, flavoured milk, Apricot bars and crackers sell like hot cake today.

You can pick granola bars, cookies and wafers of your choice and add them in gift cartons and hampers to make it memorable for your clients and partners.

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