7 Exercises And One Nutrition Tip To Target Arm Fat


Flabby arms are a sign of a lot of fat accumulated under your skin, which tends to look saggy and unsightly, proving to be a nightmare for most people.

This is why regular workouts are encouraged to help keep the body toned and fit.

However, besides doing workouts to lose the excess fat, you need to focus on foods that work to burn the stubborn arm fat.

So just how do you lose the flabby arms, and is there a surefire way of reducing arm fat?

Here’s a roundup of the top pointers on workouts and a healthy diet tip you can use to target arm fat, and feel good about showing off your arms again.

7 exercises that target arm fat

1. Triceps Dips

If you want leaner arms in no time, add some triceps dips to your workout regimen.

You can accomplish this easily using a sturdy chair at home or parallel bars, but there are resistance machines that can help you tackle it.

Make sure your arms are shoulder-width apart by your waist, and then get a good grip of the surface you’ll dip on.

With your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, bring your body down slowly and extend to straighten out your arms.

Doing triceps dips daily helps define your pectoral muscles while building strong triceps.

Your upper body will look and feel stronger, and you’ll get effective results in reducing arm fat.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups are a pretty killer workout, as they not only build muscle on your chest making you look leaner and feeling stronger, but they’re a great way of toning your triceps and biceps.

If you cringe at the thought of doing push-ups, you can start by leaning against a wall at a 45-degree angle and try the same motion; you’ll get a similar workout but without the usual intensity of a push-up (the traditional way).

3. Scissors

This is an easy exercise to do to target arm fat, and it doesn’t require weights.

All you need is a yoga mat, space enough to move your hands, and 20 minutes of your time.

Simply spread your yoga mat and stand with legs apart, while extending your arms straight towards your sides as your starting position.

Next, bring your arms to the front of your body, and let them overlap like scissor blades, then return to the starting position.

4. Bicep curls

Bicep curls are one of the easiest exercises to target arm fat and tone your arms quickly.

With a pair of weights, raise and lower the weights in a 180-degree range of motion, and start with your arm on your side as you bring it up toward your shoulder.

Hold for a few seconds, and then bring down the weights as you lower your arms.

5. Weightlifting

Whether you choose to lift heavy weights and doing low reps, or lighter weights with higher reps, you’ll still increase your muscle size and strength by the same amount.

If you’re new to weight lifting and don’t feel up to the task just yet, try lighter lifts as they’ll still help you target arm fat while gaining toned muscles.

Get a pair of dumbbells, or use a bottle of water as a substitute.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, while holding the weights with both hands and lifting them above your head. Make sure your hands are straight.

Lower the weight slowly behind your back; after a few seconds, lift up above your head again.

6. Cardio

Cardio is still king when it comes to shedding arm fat.

While strength training helps define your arms more, cardio helps you lose the weight faster by toning and tightening your upper body.

7. Side planks and dumbbell raises

Planks work out your core, but you can add a pair of dumbbells to target arm fat.

Lie down on any side of your body with your hands at the sides, then keep one palm of your hand on the floor and push your body up while keeping your knees and upper body in a straight line.

Bring your legs and torso down slowly.

Repeat at least ten times and switch sides then follow the same steps all over again for great results.

Health Tip

Avocados have healthy calories that help with muscle growth, while preventing the entry of hormones that accumulate body fats. They also regularize bowel movements which are essential in loss of body fat.

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