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It is that time of the year when most of us are fighting a losing battle with keeping our New Year Resolution of weight loss. Don’t just give up yet, you can still keep your resolution by making some small changes in your lifestyle. You don’t need to exercise regularly, dramatically change your diet, or take weight-loss supplements.

Exercise has innumerable health benefits, but losing weight may not be among them. A groundbreaking study shows that many people who begin an exercise program lose little or no weight. Some even gain weight.

Million Dollar Question: Exercise or Diet?

Theory: The fundamentals of weight loss should be simple. Burn more calories than you consume on any given day, and over time you will lose weight.


Theoretically, we can achieve that desirable condition by reducing the number of calories that we consume through dieting or by increasing the number of calories that we incinerate through exercise.

Practical: Most people do not achieve or sustain weight loss, no matter what method they try.

It requires an awful lot of exercise to burn an extra 500 calories. Typically they need an extra 2 hours of cycling, which is equal to about 2 doughnuts. Learn about the Raw Food Detox Diet here.

Study: Exercise makes you healthy and fit but does not necessarily help you lose weight.

 Losing Weight A recent review of studies related to exercise and weight control found that in most studies, people hardly lost a third as many pounds as they would have been expected, given the amount of calories they were burning during workouts. Many studies also report enormous variations in how people’s waistlines respond to the same exercise program, some of whom drop pounds and others who gain fat.

A study by North American Association of Obesity (NAASO) suggests that adding exercise to dietary therapy does not significantly increase short-term or long-term weight loss compared to dietary therapy alone.

Scientists have had little understanding of why exercise helps some people shed pounds but not others, and whether or not there might be early indications of how people will respond to specific exercise routines.

People who lose the most weight after the first few weeks of exercising are more likely to lose weight again.

Conclusion:  If exercise isn’t helping your weight loss, examine your calorie intake. “It’s because the calories you take in exceed the calories you expend,” says Dr. Lee. “If you want to lose weight, you can either exercise more or eat less—or do both.”

Here are some easy Action Steps for you to follow:

Stick with low-calorie diets. The more regularly you continue with exercise, the more likely you are to drop pounds. You can find the list of Best SuperFoods for weight loss here.

  • Eat more greens, vegetarian meals, healthy snacks and lots of whole grains. Find the Raw food Weight Loss Diet here.
  • Take your time eating. Eat slowly and in small intervals.
  • Regular exercise, even when you don’t lose weight, has health benefits. Regular exercise changes the chemistry of your body in ways that improve your health.
  • Make small changes. For example, indulge in moderate intensity activity like walking and climbing up stairs.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Maintain a food journal, reduce the size of your servings and continue weighing yourself. Eat in regular intervals.
  • Sleep well. Studies have shown that tired people tend to put more food in their mouth.

Healthy living is not just what you eat or how you exercise – it’s your mind, your body, and your spirit in perfect harmony.

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