Green Tea Benefits Before Bed For Men & Women


Green Tea Benefits For Men & Women Before Bed

The hype of green tea is nothing new today.

In fact, it has been around for thousands of years.

Most often, they are used in different parts of the country as a medicine.

Learn more about the benefits of green tea for men & women when you would drink it before bed or in the morning.

You will surely find it as one of the best beverage you can consume, next to water.

About Green Tea

Green tea is a product made from the Camelia sinensis plant. Green tea leaves are immediately processed after picking to avoid oxidation.

Usually, they are processed with either steam heat or with dry heat. Camelia sinensis is a shrub growing that is native to China. It can sustain cooler climates and thrives in the mountainous regions.

What Does Green Tea Taste Like?

The taste of green tea depends on the quality you have purchase and the process on how you brewed the tea.

A good quality green tea often taste sweet, bittersweet, nutty, buttery, vegetal, floral, swampy, fruity and oceanic. In contrasts, green tea who have poor quality tastes bitter and grassy.

Nutritional Value of Green Tea

Green tea is prized in China, Japan, and in some parts of the globe.

It is recognized as an abundant source of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a catechin polyphenol.

Other catechin polyphenols are also present in green tea such as Catechin, Epicatechin, Epicatechin Gallate (ECG), and other Pro-Anthocyanidins.

Flavonoids along with some amino acids like Thianine, Butyric Acid & Liganin; Xanthine Alkaloids such as Adenine, Dimethylxanthine, Theobromine, Theophylline, and Xanthine; Pectin; saccharides, chlorophyll and Triterpene Saponins are found in green tea, which gives its potent flavor.

Furthermore, it contains the essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and E.

You can find different types of Green tea in the market.

Benefits of Green Tea

Because it is packed full of nutrients, green tea offers impressive health benefits to the body.

Green Tea Has Stimulating effects

Due to its Caffeine and Tannins, green tea is primarily consumed because of its powerful stimulants.

This is why a cup of tea makes you feel alive and feeling refreshed. Green tea is a natural way to fight sleepiness, lack of energy, and fatigue.

Green Tea Boosts Immunity

According to various research studies, people who consume green tea regularly have reduced risk of bacterial and viral infections than those who have not consumed green tea.

The catechins in green tea is responsible for combating the bacteria and viruses that attached themselves to the cell walls, which causes infections.

A regular consumption of green tea prevents the cases of bad breath, dysentery, diarrhea, tooth decay, indigestion, flu, cough & cold, and colitis.

Green Tea is Good For Anti Aging

Free radicals is the primary cause of aging. Long exposure to free radicals causes chronic conditions and disrupts the production of collagen in the body.

Naturally, antioxidants neutralizes these harmful free radicals, thus prevents chronic illnesses.

The Epigallocatechin Gallate is known to be the most powerful antioxidant in green tea that effectively delay the signs and symptoms of aging.

Green Tea is Good For Cardiovascular Health

Green tea is also known to prevent the chances of Arterial Sclerosis, Thrombosis, Cardiac and Cerebral Strokes.

Green Tea is Good For Diabetes

Green tea without added sugar helps in improving the functioning of the pancreas, which means it is more efficient in regulating insulin.

It is a naturally-secreted hormone that the body cannot function without. A healthy, normal function can help prevent the onset of diabetes.

Green Tea is For Weight loss

Obesity is still a chronic problem in various parts of the world, especially in the Western countries.

Recently, the consumption of green tea in this area is dramatically increasing.

Many have claimed that green tea promotes weight loss by enhancing the rate of metabolism, hence, promoting a faster consumption of the fat storage of the body.


Today, various products contain green tea but to be able to fully reap its benefits, you have to consume it by soaking fresh, organic green tea in a hot water.


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