Best Green and Black Tea Kombucha Tea Brands

Best Green and Black Kombucha Tea Brands

Ancient Chinese Medicine refers to the Kombucha tea as the Tea of Immortality and the elixir of life.

Kombucha tea has been enjoying the spotlight for a few years now — partly because probiotics have gone from simply being “funky health supplements” to finding their way into a wide variety of foods, and also because the tea possesses some amazing health benefits as well.

It serves both as an energizing tea with natural cultures that claim to boost digestion and metabolism at the same time.

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Green Tea Benefits Before Bed For Men & Women

Green Tea Benefits For Men & Women Before Bed

The hype of green tea is nothing new today.

In fact, it has been around for thousands of years.

Most often, they are used in different parts of the country as a medicine.

Learn more about the benefits of green tea for men & women when you would drink it before bed or in the morning.

You will surely find it as one of the best beverage you can consume, next to water.

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Goji Cranberry Lemon Tea : The Morning Superfood Tea I Drink Everyday

Goji Cranberry Lemon Tea

Breakfast has not always been my favorite time of day. I’m not a morning person and never hungry when I wake up.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that breakfast really is the most important part of the day. You’re breaking your body’s fast, which boosts your metabolism and gives your brain and body the fuel it needs to start the day. However, I still struggle with the “getting hungry” part.

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Green Tea Side Effects You Must be Aware Of

Green Tea

We all know Green Tea for its amazing health benefits, but did it ever cross your mind that this nature’s marvel could have some side effects too? Yes, that’s right.

The healthiest beverage on the planet is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients and is becoming a rage among health and weight watchers. It is all natural, has been used for ages, and has hundreds of health benefits but it too has some downsides that one needs to be aware of.

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