Does Maca Help With Estrogen Blocking & Fertility?

Maca Root Results

Would you like to have ample energy and feel like an-all new person? Maca root powder is an ideal superfood!!

Naturopaths worldwide have known about this incredible superfood for decades.


When consumed Maca targets the hypothalamus in the brain, which controls the pituitary, and therefore, all hormones in the body. If I could pick any word for Maca it would be BALANCE.

– Dr. Hillary Lampers ND

Maca Root – The Best kept Secret of Peruvians

Maca, a root that comes from the radish family is cultivated in the mountains of Peru. Often called “Peruvian ginseng,” Positive Maca root results have been long treasured, and now have been rediscovered as a super-supplement and super- ingredient. Maca comes in pills, powder and liquid form.

This wonder root is one of the most sought after herbal supplements that has amazing medicinal properties and as an energy booster by athletes. The level of calcium and magnesium in high in Maca and it is helpful in re-mineralization of bones as well.

A supplement packed with minerals, fatty acids and vitamins, Maca root is widely known as an adaptogen, which balances the hormones and the endocrine system.

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Consuming Maca Root

Still, there are no known side-effects of Maca root, however like any other supplement it should be taken only in the recommended quantities.

When you initially start taking Maca it is best to start by consuming smaller doses and gradually building up; even ½ teaspoon is a good dosage to start. Moreover, rotating a few days on and off is usually recommended.

Consuming too much can lead to negative results and ward off your hormones out of whack. In case, you experience this, you must switch to taking it in very less amounts or wean yourself off completely.

After assessing the available research on the beneficial Maca root results, reading a number of positive testimonials written about it and finally trying it myself, I feel that it is a Super-superfood that can immensely help sportsmen, bodybuilders, men and women and pretty well anyone.

Navitas Organics Maca Powder, 8 oz. Bag
Navitas Organics Maca Powder energizes naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine.
Sweet and malty, Maca Powder is delicious in smoothies, warm drinks, oatmeal and baked goods.
USDA Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free.

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Following are some of the amazing results of Maca Root

Maca Root – Nature’s Produced Viagra (Its Main Claim to Fame)

Before getting onto other amazing results of Maca root, let us know its main claim to fame – Powerful Aphrodisiac for Men & Women!

There are piles of anecdotal reports online of men and women, who have realized the beneficial results of Maca root as their levels of sexual desire rocketed.

Men report that they are experiencing stronger and frequent erections, as well as performing better in bed after taking recommended doses of Maca root. Virtually everyone who takes it leverages these benefits of Maca root to some extent, and even men over the age of 70, who have lost the urge, have been able to jump on the bandwagon again – all thanks to Maca!

A lot of research has been performed on Maca root to test its aphrodisiac properties, and it seems that most of the claims made about the beneficial after-effects of Maca root have been validated.


Ok, you must likely be thinking, “I do not give a damn to a load of horny rats”….. Fair enough!


I do not know anyone who does not wish to have a higher sexual drive, provided intimacy in bed is considered by many as the most authentic measure of health and long life span. If Mac root works amazingly at boosting sexual desire, and can cause physical changes like higher sperm count, then I believe we shall be relishing the outstanding results of consuming Maca root.

Maca Root For Diabetes

Maca Root Result

Maca root is not usually recognized as an herb that can monitor diabetes, however a study conducted in 2007 reported that two weeks of Maca root supplementation significantly resulted in enhanced glucose tolerance and lowered levels of glucose in blood.

Diabetics and those in a pre-diabetic, insulin defiant state have weakened glucose tolerance, but consumption of Maca was able to immensely improve the condition even when taken as a part of terrible diet identical to the typical contemporary diet.

The results raised a lot of eyebrows within the Bodybuilding and Sports world, as improved glucose tolerance is one of the important aims of every successful diet program out there.

While having an enhanced glucose tolerance will benefit you in every sphere of your life, but the key reason is that better glucose tolerance leads to improved insulin sensitivity.

Why we want to improve our insulin sensitivity?

  • Less fat, more muscles
  • Decreased levels of VLDL (very low density of lipoproteins), decreased level of Triacylglycerols in the Plasma
  • Dieting becomes easier because of reduced hunger and cravings

Navitas Organics Maca Powder, 8 oz. Bag
Navitas Organics Maca Powder energizes naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine.
Sweet and malty, Maca Powder is delicious in smoothies, warm drinks, oatmeal and baked goods.
USDA Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free.

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Maca Root Regulates Estrogen

Maca contains Diindolylmethane (DIM), an indole photochemical, which can be substituted for compounds found in cruciferous vegetables, sprouts, cabbage, Brussels and broccoli.

DIM has been found in human and animal studies to magnanimously improve hormone balance in both women and men, as well as safeguard against some forms of cancer.

DIM functions by stimulating an efficient estrogen metabolism….

It is found that DIM can support certain enzyme that work to boost the levels of good estrogen metabolites and reduced levels of bad estrogen metabolites in the body.

This in turn means that estrogen is not ward off from the body, a great thing as estrogen plays a pivotal part in muscle building and is important to overall health, however is channeled down a more healthy metabolic way.

This further leads to increased free Testosterone levels!

By eliminating bad estrogen metabolites produced from estrogen you elevate your level of free testosterone, vital for muscle building, sex drive, energy levels and overall health.  Additionally, DIM restricts the production of DHT, a metabolite of testosterone that has been again and again associated to increase prostate cancer risk.

I have taken Maca powder as a DIM supplement in order to support hormone balance in my body, and the results were great. Numerous studies show that DIM renders immense protection from unpreventable environmental and dietary estrogens, therefore, it is not at all surprising that Maca improves a gamut of hormone related issues.


Maca Root Results are Higher Metabolism Rate leading to Higher Energy Levels and Fat Loss

Maca is recognized to cause an increase in the body temperature for a lot of consumers. There are stacks full of reports from hypothyroid patients of their body temperature rising by as much as 2 degrees Celsius and normal basal body temperature around 37.0 degrees Celsius.

These drastic growths in basal body temperature tend to be achieved after just 2-months of consuming Maca powder regularly.

I have certainly experienced this result, with my average basal body temperature growing from approx 36.8 degrees to 37.3 degrees after 14-days of consuming 3 teaspoons of gelatinized Maca root powder per day. 

Maca Root Increases Fertility

Here is how Maca root can help women with hormonal issues. Maca is strongly recommended to women as a fertility herb. In fact, this was a major property attributed with Maca root by the Incas, before the Spaniards arrived and this is the main reason why Maca is considered magical and utilized in sacred rites by them and their descendants.

The volume of anecdotal reports stating the results of Maca powder when used to resolve the fertility issues are astounding. It seems Maca relieves PMS symptoms like depression and headaches in as little as a few days and makes menopause a stroll in the garden for most women. Therefore, it is not startling that fertility of women improves substantially by consuming Maca.

Quoting the result of one of the studies done to know the effects of Maca on fertility of women

“Maca alleviates psychological symptoms, including depression and anxiety, and reduces the ways of sexual dysfunction in post-menopausal women independent of androgenic and estrogenic activity. “

Maca root is worth a try if you are a woman, who suffers from hormonal issues. Many women feel the benefits of Maca root after consuming as little as one quarter teaspoon of Mac per day.

Final Thoughts

Okay, we have discussed a few of the Maca root benefits, and I am sure you will agree that the results are fairly impressive.

“Maca is often regarded as a robust stamina booster, hormone regulator, exhaustion buster and libido enhancer. Unique alkaloids found in Maca, known as Macainas, have shown to support and nourish the endocrine system, which controls many of body’s vital functions.

Also, Maca provides a treasure of minerals, vitamins, sterols and amino acids that support immune system and overall health.”

Navitas Organics Maca Powder, 8 oz. Bag
Navitas Organics Maca Powder energizes naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine.
Sweet and malty, Maca Powder is delicious in smoothies, warm drinks, oatmeal and baked goods.
USDA Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free.

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