Does Maca Help With Estrogen Blocking & Fertility?

Maca Root Results

Would you like to have ample energy and feel like an-all new person? Maca root powder is an ideal superfood!!

Naturopaths worldwide have known about this incredible superfood for decades.


When consumed Maca targets the hypothalamus in the brain, which controls the pituitary, and therefore, all hormones in the body. If I could pick any word for Maca it would be BALANCE.

– Dr. Hillary Lampers ND

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The Maca Root – This Herb is A Great Replacement for Caffeine & Viagra

Maca is a root that is a member of the radish family. It is a native to the high Andes of Peru but is now exported to various parts of the world in its powder form. In the past, maca powder is something that people never heard of. But today, it has become more and more popular as a potent source of the essential nutrients that the human body needs.

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Maca Powder Benefits: 6 Facts About This Healthy Superfood

Maca Powder

Maca ( Lepidium meyenii) is a root-based or tuber plant that is sometimes referred to as “Peruvian ginseng” due to its ability to boost energy, stamina, fertility, and sexual performance.

Maca is native to Peru, in the higher elevations of the Andes mountains and around Lake Junin at an elevaation where only maca and potatoes are grown.

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Maca Powder Review – Benefits, Dangers & Side Effects – The Ultimate Guide

Maca Powder Benefits and Side Effects

Superfood buffs are already well-familiar with the stupendous nutritional powers of Maca.

This Superfood (scientific name – lepidium meywnii) is an adaptogenic root globally popular for its dynamic natural effects – consumers tend to experience a colossal boost in energy, reduction in cholesterol levels, relief from stress, enlargement of libido and even increase in sperm count.

It is full of proteins, complex alkaloids, minerals, tannins, vitamins, and other phytochemicals.

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