18 High Protein Spirulina Recipes For Glowing Skin & Reduced Inflammation, Overall Health


Blue-green Algae Recipes

Over the last few years, spirulina has gained its reputation as a superfood. It is considered as the highest naturally occurring sources of protein.

Spirulina is a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium, which is often referred to as blue-green algae (a name you’re much more likely to have heard of), and it can benefit your body and health in an almost mind-boggling number of ways.

Unlike animal proteins, plant-based protein does not form uric acid in the body. The hype of this blue-green algae is due to the various nutrients such as rare trace elements, biologically active enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, glycol-proteins, complex sugars, vitamins and minerals.

Blue-green Smoothie

Blue-green Smoothie

This recipe is a rich combination of blueberries, acai berry, parsley and green grass powder, maca, and blue-green algae.

Actual link: http://thehealthyeatingsite.com/blue-green-smoothie/


Spirulina Ice Cream

Spirulina Ice Cream

A lovely indulgence on a summer day. Who says ice cream is bad for your health? Not with Spirulina Ice Cream!

Acutal link: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/spirulina-ice-cream


Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina Smoothie

This smoothie is considered an addictive addition to your meal. If you are tired and a bit blue then making this smoothie will surely give you the empowering feeling.

Actual link: http://deliciouslyella.com/spirulina-smoothie/


Quinona, Spinach, Kale &Spirulina Bites

Kale &Spirulina Bites

This is a very healthy recipe that can be part of a main course or simply just an appetizer. A quick and easy recipe.

Actual link: http://susansmithjones.com/book-page/scrumptious-recipes-using-spirulina


Spirulina All in My Grains


A quick and easy recipe that will surely give you the highest amount of nutrients you need.

Actual link: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/spirulina-all-in-my-grains


Green Mayonnaise and Avocado Wraps Recipe

Avocado Wraps Recipe

A delightful recipe that uses dehydrated vegetables with deliciously creamy avocado in the inside, wrapped with salad leaves, then served with spirulina sunflower seeds mayonnaise.

Actual link: http://rawfoodetc.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/green-mayonnaise-avocado-wraps-recipe/


Electric Green Spirulina Avocado Salad Dressing

Spirulina Avocado Salad

This recipe is really a unique combination of ingredients resulting to a delicious and nutritious medley.

Actual link: http://www.choosingraw.com/electric-green-spirulina-avocado-salad-dressing/

Spiirulina, Dates and Nuts Energy Bars

 Dates and Nuts

A quick and easy recipe made with healthy oats, seeds, banana, dates, and spirulina paste and puree.

Actual link: http://www.food.com/recipe/spirulina-dates-and-nuts-energy-bars-497957


Hawaiian Spirulina Tofu Salad

Spirulina Tofu Salad

Made with a perfect blend ingredients that offers healthful benefits.

Actual link: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/tofu-salad


Green Rice with Spirulina

Green Rice with Spirulina

At a first glance the look of this green rice could freak you out but one thing is for sure, this recipe is so yummy and healthy. Kids will surely love them as well.

Actual link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Tasty-Easy-to-make-Green-Rice-with-Spirulina/


Greenylicious Super Smoothie

Greenylicious Super Smoothie

Do you need an immune system boost? Then this tempting smoothie is surely the best for you. Made with overflowing greens that boosts energy, the avocado which makes it pudding-ly, and the lemon to make it citrusy.

Actual link: http://farmersmarketvegan.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/what-i-ate-wednesday-40/


Healthy Spirulina Pie

Healthy Spirulina Pie

If you are wondering how this recipe taste like, then let me give you a quick impression of this healthy spirulina pie. It taste like an ice cream pie, with a nice dense crust underneath.

Actual link: http://kibbysblendedlife.com/tag/spirulina/


Clean Eating Green Pancakes

Green Pancakes

Oh, how healthy to start your day with this Spirulina pancakes. It is healthy and yummy.

Actual link: http://www.staysharpbestrong.com/2013/08/01/clean-eating-green-pancakes/


Spirulina Honey

Spirulina Honey

A sweet tasty honey with a touch of healthy spirulina.


Broccoli, Kale &Spirulina Soup

Spirulina Soup

Spirulina are not just a great addition to your smoothies, juices, and salads. Also, this superfood is best added to soups and porridge.

Actual link: http://kittytokitchen.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/fixing-that-afternoon-slump-broccoli-kale-spirulina-soup-3/


Green Porridge

Green Porridge

An amazing breakfast recipe that promises a nutritional punch while keeping your day off to a great start.

Actual link: http://cauldronsandcupcakes.com/2013/01/19/green-porridge-a-healthy-breakfast-recipe/


Spirulina Popcorn

Spirulina Popcorn

Turn your popcorn into a healthy indulgence by simply adding an adequate amount of spirulina powder. Quick and easy.

Actual link: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/spirulina-popcorn


Super Food Pizza

Super Food Pizza

The healthy ingredients in this pizza makes it unique and delicious. If you want to make a perfect pizza at home then here is a decent recipe for you.

Actual link: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/super-food-pizza

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