The Gabriel Method Review – A Review of the Ground Breaking Method


Before and After Fat Loss

As someone who has watched loved ones personally struggle with their weight for years, I know that diets simply just don’t work. In my experience, diets serve only one purpose and that purpose is to make a person feel like a failure.

How many people actually achieve success with a diet without, at one point or another, getting so down on themselves they want to quit? I have watched people yo-yo diet for years and it always ends the same way; with them feeling like a failure because they, once again, couldn’t stick to a diet.

This was the main reason why the Gabriel Method was so attractive to me. I am of the mindset that health is about more than just diet and exercise, so why wouldn’t weight loss be the same? While the Gabriel Method does focus on healthy foods and nutritious meals, the key to it all is positive visualization and mind over matter.

Instead of looking at this change as a “diet”, consider it a lifestyle change and let the positivity of that fact inspire you. Jon Gabriel utilizes a holistic approach of using both body and mind for losing weight, which can help get to the root causes of obesity.

The Gabriel Method – Background

Jon Gabriel was over 400 pounds and had tried every diet out there with little to no success. No matter how strictly he followed the diet, the weight always seemed to creep back on.

With his background in biochemistry, Gabriel came up with a completely different approach to losing weight. He lost over 220 pounds and now shares his knowledge and methods with thousands of people around the world.


Stop Counting

While almost every diet focuses on numbers (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates), the Gabriel Method does not.

It has always been fascinating to me that so many diets stress calorie intake as the main issue for weight gain without looking deeper at the root cause.

These diets require calorie restriction, which only leads the body to go into emergency mode and cling to the fat in your body.

Not only does that starvation wreak havoc on you physically, it is draining mentally and emotionally as well, and after a few weeks of no progress, this is where most people simply give up.

Instead of tracking your calorie intake, or any other macro-nutrient intake, the Gabriel Method allows you the freedom to eat nutrient rich meals without counting anything.

The fact is, most people can eat thousands of calories and still feel hungry because their bodies are not receiving proper nutrition from the foods they eat. The Gabriel Method reveals exactly what nutrients you are missing from your diet and teaches you a way to incorporate them back in.

The Key Points of The Gabriel Method

• Visualization
• Mind over matter
• No calorie restrictions
• Eat real, whole foods and watch your cravings disappear

The Gabriel Method is far more than just a great book on how to lose weight. It also contains 12 videos on creating a new body, a series of powerful guided visualizations, Gabriel’s favorite healthy recipes and special audio programs on effective weight loss.

I would personally recommend the Gabriel Method to anyone who has been on the diet carousel.

It is not only a different way of thinking, but it is also a better way of thinking. Stop counting, stop restricting, and stop feeling like a failure with this program.



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