Top 14 Superfoods


I remember when I was young DC’s Justice League was then called Superfriends. They where all there, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and the others whose names I have forgotten. I had grown up knowing that those things are not real, a product of our imagination. And then now, I got to stumble on these highly nutritious foods, and they call it superfoods. And man are they are real. And I would like if possible to share all the 14 superfoods I know to you. Are you ready? Yes, you are.

Superfoods are foods that contain a lot of nutrients,vitamin and minerals. They are raw which means they are un-cooked, and they are organic which means that no pesticides or other chemicals have touch while growing them. One of the best superfoods is Sacred Chocolate. This superfood was the Bronze medal winner at the 2007 International San Francisco Chocolates Salon for Best Organic Chocolate. Then the three superffods coming from cacao, Raw cacao nibs, raw cacao powder and Fruity cacao. All of them bringing nature’s life force as it was suppose to be. Another superfood made of powder is Raw Maca powder. Raw Maca powder increase libido.

Then there are the berries. Golden Inca berries are one of the lost crop of the Incas. They are not only loaded with nutrients they also taste good. There is also Tibetan Goji berries, the most powerful probiotic in the world.

The superfoods that come from our seas and oceans, Marine phytoplankton and Blue green algae. Marine phytoplankton is considered to be the greatest superfood on earth because of its healthy benefits. While Blue-green algae is a protein powerhouse and the world’s most concentrated source of chlorophyll. Blue-green algae helps remove heavy metals and other pollutants.

Other superfoods would be RevitaPhi, ImmuneDetox, Island Fire, Colloidal gold and Cordyceps. RevitaPhi is all about alkaline greens that was created in by Dr. Jameth Sheridan and Divine Intelligence.

ImmuneDetox is considered to be the most potent superfood detoxifier of heavy metals on the planet. ImmuneDetox has micronized zeolite and fulvic acid. It also has over 72 ocean and plant based trace minerals.

Island fire has combined Tahitian Noni, ginger, Hawaiian Turmeric, Cayenne, lemon, apple cider vinegar and trace minerals all in one drink. Island Fire is one modern tonic elixir.

Colloidal gold is the raw organic superfood that uses microclusters of 99.99% of pure gold that has been suspended in distilled revitalized water. It has converted gold into a superfood that people like us can benefit from.

Lastly the raw organic superfood Cordyceps. Cordyceps is known as the Chinese longevity mushroom. Cordyceps was the superfood that was used by the 1993 Chinese national team which set 9 new world records.

That is all 14 of them and they are all real. Have a super day!

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