Is Honey A Good Alternative To Sugar?


If you are looking for an alternative to sugar, look no further than honey, one of the oldest sweeteners in the world. While both honey and sugar are high caloric foods, honey offers many benefits that sugar simply does not.

Honey has been at the top of the superfood list for many years due to its ability to treat countless health conditions, as well as boost overall health.

Flower nectar that has been transformed by bees through regurgitation, honey has an unusual chemical composition that keeps it from ever spoiling.

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8 “Superfood” Myths you Should Stop Believing


Everyone has heard the term “superfood,” but we can’t always believe EVERYTHING we read, right?

So, how do you know what is hyped up and what is truly good for you? Well, superfood is a label, not a scientific term, but I would wager that most use it to encompass healthy foods that have a plethora of positive health benefits.

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