Aphrodisiac, Natural Energy Superfood Supplement Peruvian Maca Organic Superfood

Since the golden days, superfoods with aphrodisiac properties are a popular item for both men and women. People who have sexual dysfunction may find a sense of sexual desire to be impossible without the use of triggering agents. Fortunately, there are some superfoods that provide you with agents that help improve your condition. This superfood we are talking is about the Peruvian maca.

Peruvian maca is commonly known as a “nature’s viagra” and typically grows in the high Mountains of Andes, a place where only few plants can survive. Although it is widely known to have a harsh condition, still this area offers a nutrient-dense soil. This is why maca is considered to contain overflowing amounts of essential nutrients from nature.

Centuries ago, the ancient Andeans discovered that their herds, after eating the fleshy root maca, have improved health and had an increase in fertility. This observation was later on supported with a clinical study that showed maca to boost the livestock sperm counts.

In a one study to humans, maca was found beneficial in increasing sexual strength and libido after consuming this superfood. Legends has it that ancient Incan warriors consumed maca before the battle to provide them extraordinary strength and energy. After the battle, the warriors are then prohibited to use maca to ensure the safety of the women villagers in where the warriors have invaded. The ancient Incans have proven how maca acts as an amazing aphrodisiac.

Additionally, maca is used to treat fertility issues in both men and women. The hormone regulating property of maca can actually treat the menopause in women and andropause in men. Peruvian maca is cultivated organically, which means that it is not toxic and is safe to use. Even if it is consumed in higher quantities daily, there are no evident side effects to people of all ages and sex groups. Until today, no discernible side effects are known, making it an ideal superfood to many people.

Aside from boosting fertility and increasing sexual desire, maca also helps in promoting improved circulation. An improve circulation makes you feel better and effectively ward off various diseases. Maca is considered as an adaptogen, which aids in the regulation of your body system’s processes. Some of its positive health effects include increased energy level, increased endurance levels, increased stamina, removal of lethargy and chronic fatigue, and increased in muscular strength.

Although maca is a native to the Mountains of Andes, its commercially processed forms are sold at various health stores, natural markets, and even online shops. It is commonly available in powder or capsule form. There powder form can easily be mixed with your favorite recipes. You can actually try it in smoothies, juices, cereals, salad dressing, and chocolate-based-desserts.

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