Colloidal Gold’s Benefits Revealed through Scientific Research

If we look at traces of our past, we will be amazed upon discovering the interesting trends that took place during those times. Looking back to our medical history, humans have increased his life span in the last 5,000 years. However, while his life span rises, his quality of life has deteriorated.

According to various anthropological researches made by scientists, some of the illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and depression are not seen in the old days. These conditions were considered modern diseases. Researchers believed that sedimentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are the major causes of these illnesses. As they have observed ancient people was much on a healthy diet than people in the modern times. Hence, they lived a healthy, normal life during their entire existence.

In many research studies, our ancestors tend to have a diet rich in trace minerals and elements that are not found in today’s era. Their diets were packed full of trace elements such as selenium, platinum, silver and gold. Obviously, foods that are sold in various supermarkets lack these trace elements. Silver and gold has been found to be very helpful in the normal functioning of the human body.

The diet of the ancient Chinese and Mayans have shown to contain traces of gold. It was believed that eating an adequate amount of gold would make the body stronger and durable. Way back then, gold was found in many soils where plants grow. People who consumed the plant that grows on that soil, they were able to receive a dose of gold and other trace minerals. People believed that eating gold contributed to the relief of joint pains and reduces the effect of depression. In 1927, a French study showed that placing a 5 dollar gold coin on the area of the painful joint, have considerably reduced the pain and improved the circulation on that area.

Unfortunately, we are not living anymore in gold rich soils but still we can acquire gold with the use of an effective superfood. We are talking about the colloidal gold supplement. This superfood allows your body to gain positive attributes that gold can offer to your health. The process of making this superfood involves an electrolysis process, which allows minute amounts of gold to be dissolved in a liquid form. The pure 24K gold electrodes are then dissolved and result to a purplish red colloidal gold solution. The healing properties of colloidal gold are due to its molecular structure and electron configuration of colloidal gold.

A regular consumption of colloidal gold is said to reduce joint pains, increase strength, promotes immunity, gain a sense of euphoria, reduces the risk of depression, fights fatigue, and improve circulation in the body. According to a 1996 study held in the University of California that the use of colloidal gold aids in increasing cellular repair processes in some parts of the body. Colloidal gold do not have discernible side effects and are completely non-toxic. This is why adults and children can ingest this product.

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