Common Skin Rashes

Common Skin RashesAll most every one of us must have got a skin rash sometime or the other. They make their presence as marks or blistered spots on the skin. They are red in color and quite painful and itchy. There are many kinds of common skin rashes that an affect a person. Let us try to see how we can identify some of the most common kinds of them.

  •  Carefully look at the rash. If it looks inflamed with tiny blisters, then it is a type of skin problem known as dermatitis. Rashes formed due to dermatitis are extremely itchy and causes unbearable pain. It also releases clear fluid that becomes crusty after sometime.
  • If the skin rash is accompanied by hot and itchy feeling, then is likely to be eczema
  • If the skin rash is accompanied by breaking and bleeding of the skin, then it may be caused due to psoriasis. In this skin problem, severe inflammation occurs on the skin. They normally appear on hands, feet, elbows, scalp and genitals.
  • It is good to identify the cause of skin rash. Some of them occur due to allergic reactions like dust, pollen, grass or even due to certain foods. Rashes formed due to certain foods are called atopic dermatitis. You will also see that on avoiding certain foods, these rashes get reduced in their size and severity.
  • There are some severe forms of rashes too. They first appear on face, abdomen and back portion of the body. From there, it spreads to almost every other place on the body. This is most usual case of chicken pox. It appears in form of blisters and has a thin layer over it. This layer must never be touched or broken, as the emerging clear fluid will cause it to spread more. Consult your doctor immediately in such a situation.

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