Effects of Soda

Effects of SodaFrankly speaking,

Who doesn’t like the bubbling taste of Soda!

It is one of the ultimate tasting fizzy happiness in our mouth. We all like its taste and it becomes one of the most preferred foods to relieve ourselves from perspiring heat.

‘Soda’ is a common name referred for different aerated drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Soda pop etc. Most of us drink it, some more than others. We have it on different occasions like while walking on a hot summer day, along-with pizzas & burgers that we have for lunch and sometimes even in place of water. Due to its wonderful taste and sensation, we become addicted to it.

Statistics suggest,

‘On any given day, 20 percent of the U.S. population age 2 older consume diet drinks and 11 percent consume 16 ounces or more.’

Source: United Press International 2012

Harmful Effects of Soda

But, a big but!

Have we ever thought upon what harm soda causes to our health? Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel exhausted and tired even after having a hearty lunch of soda and other food?

In terms of nutrition, soda is one of the main reasons why many people suffer from health problems. When we take soda it causes two damages. Firstly, it is very filling so it leaves us with a little appetite to have balanced diet comprising of vegetables and other body essential foods. Secondly, it has alarming levels of sugar, calories & harmful additives that leads to poor health and results into different diseases.

Soda Bad

Are you aware of the extent how much drinking soda or other sweetened beverages harms our body? Let us see them below.

# 1: Leads to Obesity

Drinking a single can of soda everyday results into more than 1 lb of weight gain every month. Researchers have established a strong and direct relationship between drinking soda and weight gain. It suggests that for each additional soda drank, the risk of obesity increases by 1.6 times.

# 2: Increases Risk of DiabetesSoda Diabetes

This is a direct and riskier consequence due to drinking soda. Soda stresses on our body metabolism so as to process sugar. It is medically established that people who drink one or more soda per day gained more weight and were 83% more prone to develop type 2 diabetes.

# 3: Risk of Osteoporosis

Drinking soda also increases risk of osteoporosis i.e. weakening of bones. Due to bad dietary habits, people tend to avoid calcium-rich milk that makes our bones strong. High consumption of soda results into impaired calcification of growing bones.

# 4: Tooth Decay and Erosion

Soda deteriorates and decays tooth enamel. Various acids present in soda results into dissolving of mineral content present in enamel. This makes teeth weak, sensitive and susceptible to decay.


‘A study conducted in New York over a period of 9 years revealed that those drinking diet soda daily were 61 percent more likely to experience heart attacks or stroke.’


# 5: Damage to Kidney

Drinking excess of cola results into formation of kidney stones. This happens due to acidity and radical mineral imbalances. In order to lessen the acid contents present in soda, our body uses the calcium naturally present in our bones. As this calcium is eliminated through urine, it results into formation of kidney stones.

Alarming isn’t it!

We all do take care of our body. However, sometimes due to negligence and rather unknowingly we consume tasty but harmful foods. We should always keep in mind to eat or drink foods that proves nutritious in the long run.

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