Maca Root Before And After Review

If you have by no means heard of Maca “the superfood”, you must be likely asking yourself what the hullabaloo is all about –  what exactly is this Superfood, where it is farmed and why would I start taking it each and every day?

Maca Root Before And After

Today, Maca root is one of the most popular superfood and herb worldwide.

Also known as Lepidium Peruvian or Lepidium meyeni, Maca root has been prized for generations as a mood stabilizer and energy enhancer.

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5 Dangers, Symptoms & Side Effects of Maca Overdose

What Is Maca

Maca (lepidium meyenii) is a root-like vegetable that grows in the in the mountains of Andes, Peru. This plant is known as a good resistant in the harshest weather. It thrives in the harshest lands in the world, where it stands even with the freezing temperatures, ferocious winds, and extreme exposure to sunlight.


Maca Powder

Maca has been an old-aged folk remedy to increase stamina, boost energy, and improve fertility. It has been referred to as an aphrodisiac and a means to enhance sexual performance.

Maca root powder has been used as food and other medicinal purposes in some Peruvians; it is full of nutritional ingredients that make it a good source of nutrients needed in your body. Some of the known minerals contained in maca are calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, zinc, and many more.

It also contains essential vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin C. Its roots are processed to make maca root powder that could be used in food or medicinal use

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3 Best Maca Root Powder Recipes For Fertility, Increasing Energy and Stamina

Maca has been used by the early Incans as a super food. The maca root powder is widely known for their aphrodisiac property that aids in the sex lives of both men and women. Benefits of maca powder include treating infertility, increasing energy and stamina. Because it is organic, maca has the ability to influence hormones without containing hormones itself.

Despite of its beneficial functions, Maca powder has also its possible side effects. As with any medications and synthetic enhancer, a prolonged exposure to maca could also lead to some adverse reaction. Some of the side effects of maca powder includes but are not limited to mental problems, thyroid complications, digestive disorders, hormonal acne, allergies, heartburn, and other possible adverse effects. Most of the complications vary from one person to the other and the severity depends on how the body reacts.

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15 Yummy Maca Recipes – How to Use Maca Root

Yummy Maca Recipes

As Maca is a root vegetable in the radish family, it can safely be taken in small, daily amounts. It is available in a powder form (least expensive option) or in capsules (slightly more expensive). Maca is a great replacement for caffeine and Viagra, read here for more details.

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