Raw Cacao Powder – The New Super Food For Extra Energy

The cacao bean is getting more and more attention in recent times because of its suggested health benefits. ORAC test (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) confirms that a single spoon containing raw cacao powder has more than twenty-five thousand antioxidants.
Raw Cacau is considered to be number one supplier of magnesium. This is the main reason why women crave chocolate at the time of menstrual cycles. Magnesium plays an important role in constructing robust bones, and also helps to reduce depression. Magnesium also plays crucial role in maintaining the health of human heart.

Raw Cacao has limited amount of theobromine and caffeine. Phenylethylamine (PEA), found in dark chocolate is also present in Raw Cacao. PEA is a chemical in the human brain that slows down aging, gives a sense of well-being, and also improves mental activity. This is the primary reason why the benefits of chocolate are reported very often.
Antioxidants play an important role by protecting us from harmful free radicals. A free radical is an electron which is not paired. Energy is produced by these electrons for us. They also protect us from harmful infections. They are important for life. But the most important factor is that these electrons must be in pairs. The electrons get paired by stealing others which forms more amount of single electrons. As the new pairs are formed we get new into trouble because surroundings cells get damaged. Antioxidants are our body’s real soldiers. Antioxidants give another electron to free radicals which protect our surrounding cells from being damaged.
The defense system of our body requires Vitamin E and Vitamin C. But the fact is we cannot create these vitamins on our own. So we need to keep changing them. Other vital antioxidants are the carotene’s, specifically beta-carotene’s and also the minerals like magnesium, zinc, and selenium.
Raw Cacau Powder is full of vital nutrients, including copper, sodium, phosphorous, calcium, zinc and much more. Cacau powder also contain high amount of flavonoids. Research conducted on flavonoids have shown that they may include healthy benefits like anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti- viral, and anti-allergic properties.
Cacau powder is a super food in a true sense. Due to large level of antioxidants, Cacau powder outplays any other super food.
The beans of Cacao are developed and cold pressed. After pressing, the Cacau butter oil is removed. Then the residue of Cacau similar to cake is ground into very fine powder. The process of powdering is carried out in a very controlled surrounding, which keeps the temperature very less. The nutritional components remain intact due to lower temperature. The health benefits of Cacau are increased in this way during its processing.
The chocolaty nature of the Cacau bean releases when we mix it with a fruit or something that contains natural sweetness. However, our body’s capacity to absorb various nutrients is inhibited if we add Cacau powder to different dairy products. So in order to get the best results we should keep the powder uncooked and not add the powder to any product related to dairy.
Cacau powder is a very simple addition to our daily diet that should not be overlooked.