3 Best Maca Root Powder Recipes For Fertility, Increasing Energy and Stamina

Maca has been used by the early Incans as a super food. The maca root powder is widely known for their aphrodisiac property that aids in the sex lives of both men and women. Benefits of maca powder include treating infertility, increasing energy and stamina. Because it is organic, maca has the ability to influence hormones without containing hormones itself.

Despite of its beneficial functions, Maca powder has also its possible side effects. As with any medications and synthetic enhancer, a prolonged exposure to maca could also lead to some adverse reaction. Some of the side effects of maca powder includes but are not limited to mental problems, thyroid complications, digestive disorders, hormonal acne, allergies, heartburn, and other possible adverse effects. Most of the complications vary from one person to the other and the severity depends on how the body reacts.

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18 High Protein Spirulina Recipes For Glowing Skin & Reduced Inflammation, Overall Health

Blue-green Algae Recipes

Over the last few years, spirulina has gained its reputation as a superfood. It is considered as the highest naturally occurring sources of protein.

Spirulina is a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium, which is often referred to as blue-green algae (a name you’re much more likely to have heard of), and it can benefit your body and health in an almost mind-boggling number of ways.

Unlike animal proteins, plant-based protein does not form uric acid in the body. The hype of this blue-green algae is due to the various nutrients such as rare trace elements, biologically active enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, glycol-proteins, complex sugars, vitamins and minerals.

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